Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Premier League or La Liga?

Which league do you like the most?
Premier League
If you mean they are going to start playing AFB, which is the section you asked this in, neither. They will both run home crying to mama about how mean American Football players are after getting beaten up by the NFL..
Premier League mainly because i think team are all great in skill level. The top 4 over a 20 team league is better than top 2 over 20. We even learned last season how strong of a team there is after the top 4 in the form of Man City, Birm City(excellent season) but you go to La liga and its always Real and Barca, it dont seem to change and those team barely seems to lose. Last season was the closest i have seen the league when it was coming to an end. What other league do you see people fight so hard for 4th place as if it was 1st. Still like La Liga but i watch Premier League more.

In all a 3 way battle for a cup is better than a 2 way battle.
NFL is the league I like the most
You know you

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