Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Okay, who
I have never seen him go as personal on a user like he has me. He calls me obsessed then goes and makes posts about me. To me it looks like the ego has got to him now and he can not take being disagreed with, If you dont agree you are wrong. Ah well if starting a yahoo answers campaign on me makes his life a bit better who am i to stop him.

He just needs to realise this is a site for all to come on not his site

Oh yeah you said W U M on my question sorry for being stupid lol but what is a wum

Kpatel you are obsessed with bad the question had nothing to do with you but you still had to get abusive. I am probably the least self obsessed person you could ever meet if you knew me in real life you would know this but you chose to judge me on what a man you never will know says about me

Fox I dont know if you remember the leave brittney alone guy on youtube but I can just see kpatel laying on his bed saying the same about old baddy
LOL......he was just saying the truth about self-obsessed Dan to be honest

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