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Would Tyson be remembered as an all time great if he retired before he fought Buster Douglass?

Certainly NOT. That would be like ALI retiring without fighting Norton, Forman or Frazier because he fought Sonny Liston. Ali was past his prime when he met each of them DURING their primes and he still boasts a better Win-Loss record against them.

Tyson would have to fight the best of his generation. If he retires before Douglas, who do you have? Spinks? True, Tyson did beat some useful heavyweights but there were still some he avoided. He never fought Tim Witherspoon, who was still useful at that time. He also CLEARLY avoided Oliver McCall. I saw them spar live and I can see why Team Tyson politely asked Olive to leave.

The Top 4 heavyweights of the era are Lewis, Holyfield, Tyson and Bowe. Lewis and Holyfield answered the call of combat. Bowe missed 2 out of three, running from Lennox and never having the chance to fight Tyson. Tyson is 0-3 against Lennox and Holyfield.

Had he never fought these fighters, he MIGHT be viewed in a brighter light. However, unless Holyfield and Lewis are somehow NOT around, I can't see giving Tyson much credit in comparison to the other greats.

If Liston and Patterson had come a few years earlier, I'm sure Rocky Marciano would have faced them. Some have accused him of ducking Liston, who was closer to Rocky's age than reported, but Rocky can't be blamed for that. He would have had to wait around another 3 years at least, to fight Sonny. With his management problems one can't blame him for getting out.

Wanna call Tyson great? You have to exclude Lewis and Holyfield from history. Unless you have a time machine, that's not possible to do.

Tyson is good. He's even in the Top 12 if you consider IN THE RING greatness. But he's NOT in the upper echelon.

Thumbs up to Norman Bates, quality of competition & longlivity play significant roles in a historical legacy. The answer to your question is "no". Mike would no more be remembered as an all time great than Ike Ibeabuchi will be remembered as an all time great. Ike had a great start to his professional career, but circumstances ended it prematurely. Some consider Ike an extremely talented and hard punching heavyweight, but few would consider him an "all time great".

The same would have held true for Mike Tyson had Tyson's career ended before he faced a top contender. As it stands, both Mike and Ike were plenty good (pun intended), but neither will ever be considered "Great" in the classic sense. The both had the talent to dominate their era's but failed to do so against the elite of the day. Historical greatness takes into account the manner in which a champion conducts himself outside the ring as well as who and how he fought in the ring, and with all due respect, there is a great deal of negative controversy that tarnished both fighters legacy's. Tyson retiring unbeaten prior to Douglas wouldn't have changed much by way of how Mike will be remembered.

To be considered an All-Time great you have display longevity. One thing people forget about Mike Tyson is that his prime was only about 3 years. Anywhere from 87 to 90 defending his title about 9 times.

IF he retired before the Douglas fight that means no show down with Lewis or Holyfield. Even though Mike lost those fights he still gets credit for taking those risks. IF he retired without fighting either one of those guys NO he wouldn't be considered great. I don't really consider Mike great now. He was a good fighter in his prime but not Great because didn't have longevity that some of Boxings great champs have.

Tyson went to jail, at about the time of the most competitive points in heavyweight history...only paralleled by the fights in the 1970s.

Now before anyone goes nuts and disputes that, keep in mind I am not talking about skill levels. I am talking about the belt being passed around from hand to hand because of the LEVEL of competition. Think of the boxers that Mike missed out on..and likely would have never fought, during this highly competitive period.

Lennox Lewis, Riddick Bowe, Evander Holyfield, Michael Moorer, Tommy Morrison (Yeah I know but he was there), Razor Ruddock, George Foreman, John Ruiz (yeah I know again, he was there). Like it or not...the 1990s were the last hot craze the heavyweights ever knew. This is only a few of the names that were there, not including some of the just out and out wild names that jumped into the heavyweight division thta made it great and fun to watch.

And Tyson spent the entire era that he should have been champ, in a jail cell.

Had he fought and beaten all of these people, he would have been a name to put in the hall of fame ABOVE ALL OTHERS....the loss to Buster Douglas would have been overlooked.

But he wasnt even there. Almost every name mentioned...almost...are going to be hall of famers.

And because he would have no part of them, or lost to his stiffest competition, he wont. He was a flash in the pan that when truly was tested, folded. He never rose to his challenges.

"I must add my viewpoint regarding Mike Tyson's greatness......for those who regard him as such... Whether it be his greatness, infamy or any other description that he may be labelled with, Mike remains to be the youngest fighter ever to win a World Heavyweight Championship!!..

His speed and power as a shorter heavy-weight during his era, is what made him a phenom, regardless of who he did and didn't fight. And while I was never one of his biggest fans, like gotta give credit when credit is due..You can't fault him for never fighting the best during his era..We all show up on this planet when we do and just go from there... Just a reminder to those of you who continue question all the dream fights that will never materialize like those of "Roy Jones".. or Osac De La Hoya...(after his/their respective primes)...

So in conclusion, while Mike Tyson may never reach "All Time Greatness" in the minds of many including myself .....he will still be remembered for a long time to come.. That's why people still compare and talk about him today.

Lets look at it this way before Cus died Mike Tyson was a great fighter and before he went to jail he was a great fighter the youngest heavey weight champion in the history of the sport. Mike Tyson will always be rememberedas a great fighter

No, because he NEVER did beat a top prime heavyweight. You don't become an all-timer by beating up cab drivers and interior decorators.

Absolutely Yes.. He will still be remembered as one of the all time great. IMO nobody has ever dominated the ring like Tyson in his prime.

i think yes because he is the youngest heavyweight champion and the first to unify the major titles in heavyweight division

How to set up punches to the body?

Before in a sparring match with a friend, when I try to jab or right straight to the body I get countered easily with a hook to the head or a straight right to my head. How should I set up body shots? Faint to the head?

you can jab at the head and move in as you punch then go to the body. btw you are only gonna learn how to do this and the other aspects of boxing if you get a boxing trainer. so go to a boxing gym and sign up if you wanna learn

You have to distract the opponent by attacking his face/head, thus making him cover it (and if untrained, probably cover his eyes and go off balance), then the body is all yours. You can even rotate. Head, body, head, body, and so on. Tyson had the best combination ever for this kind of thing. Jab to head, (switch to southpaw), right hook to body, right hook to head/right uppercut, (switch back to orthodox), left hook to head.

yea its easier to hook the body..but step into the jab and get low if your gonna jab or straight the body bro

jabs to the head. or even jab cross then body shot

Vitali tsypko vs. librado andrade. predictions?

co main event for bradley - holt. i want tsypko to win but i have feeling, of andrade to win on ud

don't you hate it when nobody answers a question you asked?

Tyson v Ali who would win?

Would Tyson in his prime have beaten Ali in his prime?

A prime Tyson would probably demolish Ali, if he managed to get inside of Ali's jab and cheap bouncing act. Ali was very over-rated, and any boxing historian with a brain in their head would admit that. All he was good at as running around in circles around his opponents and using his supreme reach to jab/push them away, which is rather cheap and unexciting (as it takes no real skill to run away from someone in the ring and push them away with the reach you were born with, while in addition getting away with it being called exciting). If a prime Tyson got inside of Ali's cheap and boring run-and-jab "defenses", he'd KO him in a maximum of probably three seconds. It would probably be really easy for Tyson to do this, as his style revolved entirely around fighting taller opponents.

In addition to that, Larry Holmes and Trevor Berbick defeated Muhammad Ali, and Mike Tyson mopped the floor with both Holmes and Berbick in his career, but to be fair, the argument could be made that Muhammad Ali was not in his prime, and Berbick and Holmes (being taller and different than Tyson) certainly used a different style and method of fighting against Ali than Tyson would have, which would add to technical complications. It certainly wouldn't be a very entertaining or exciting fight to watch, because all Ali would do is cheaply bounce around the ring, pushing Tyson away from him for as long as he could while not giving fans any action, but if Tyson got inside he would kill Ali.

There are a lot of people who wonder this. In my opinion Ali would have KO'd Tyson. Ali could have withstood Tysons power punches and I belive he would have won in the later rounds. Wish we could have seen it.

Tyson never had a prime. He lost every single time he fought a prime top heavyweight.

Ali took George Foremans punches and in my opinion George hits harder than tyson. So i would go with Ali on points or by late stoppage.


Not another of these questions.....

tyson by knock out

Apart from ricky hatton?

apart from ricky hatton , who are the next best 3 light-welterweights in uk and ireland .

1. junior witter

2. ricky hattons nan

3. ricky hattons dog

junior witter (former wbc champion)

ajose olusegun (commomwealth champ, and former african boxing union champion)

gavin rees (former wba champion, but hasn't fought in a year since losing the title)

Junior Witter

Bradley Saunders

Dean Byrne

Has there ever been a father son boxing match?

In boxing history has there ever been a father verses son boxing match, or a brother against brother, cousin against cousin? If so, name it please.

if u believe what dude just said above then i got a bridge in brooklyn i wanna sell u. and i got oceanview property in Idaho i wanna sell u too! wheres ur proof lmao. come on man thats trash! and somebody gave him a thumbs up?

theres been several UN-SANCTIONED bouts.... zab judah vs his father yoel. de la hoya vs. his father joel. floyd jr. vs floyd sr.

No.but it would be good if the klitckos fought each other.


My favorite all time boxer was Marvelous Marvin Hagler! Who is yours?

sugar ray robinson

bar none. the best p4p

I am a huge fan of muhammad ali and marvin hagler those guys could really put up a show in the ring but my favorite would have to be tyson. I know some people think he is overrated and some greatly underrate him but no one can say that his fights were not exciting. there was always that anticipation for a knock out and his aggressive style always kept you on the edge of your sit, with mike you KNEW that there would never be a boring fight, i think his style was a huge reason why boxing was popular back then and i think the heavyweight division today could use that kind of fighter.

jimmy thunder!!! had a title shot took a tuneup fight and faceplanted the canvas.cruiserweight got him.never seen him again, but man he event took the kc boy in like 11 secs of the first round. that guy beat mike tyson.he said im coming out with all i got, and he did only jimmy thunder returned with i wasnna say right and the kiss goodnight, wow!

Julio Cesar Chavez by far

other faves: juan manuel marquez, floyd mayweather and juan manuel lopez... antonio margarito was on my list until he got caught cheating >:(

tyson. gatti. emanuel agustus (burton). johnny tapia. micky ward. and a little known club fighter outta philly named rogers mtagwa.

I have a few julio cesar chavez, erik morales, and mike tyson


Honorable mention: Mike Tyson and Roberto Duran

dannyboy is my favorite boxer of all time

Julio Cesar Chavez and Juan Manuel Marquez and Salvador sanchez

i really dont have a favorite boxer but my math teacher is westler

I like rocky marciano and muhammad ali...and mike tyson.


i liked Rocky Marciano he was a great fighter

oscra de la olla and miguel cotto!!!!

i like watching some old henry armstrong stuff

(spanish project)julio cesar chavez?

im doing a spanish project on him and if anyone knows..3 things he needs...2 things he doesnt like.... or his nickname that would be great.

Julios nickname was The Lion of Culiacan. Culiacan was his hometown, but he was usually introduced as El Gran Campeon Mexicano. That he was.

Three things he needs: Money; respect; and fame. Two things he doesnt like: Criticism and criticism of his son, Julio, Jr.

Like so many great fighters, Julio fought too long, which diminished his reputation and his fortune. But theres no question that he was one of the greatest fighters who ever put on the gloves. He was all but invincible. Many people say he lost the Meldrick Taylor fight, and I agree he was behind on the scorecards. But he knocked Taylor out with two seconds to go in the 12th and final round. It was a 12-round fight, not an 11-round-58 second fight. Taylor took a severe beating and was never the same.

We often tend to judge fighters based on their last few fights. But if we judge Julio on his best fights, he was certainly one of the very best of all time. People still talk about Hector Camacho, but Julio beat the hell out of him. If Hector hasnt run, he would have been knocked out.

i assume you mean chavez sr.

he had the following nick names

the lion of culiacan

the pride of culican

j c superstar

el gran campion

he doesn't like losing, he was a model champion 'till he started to struggle, then the excuses came thick and fast, reminding me of john belushi in the blues brothers (the "it's not my fault" piece) and he didn't like disrespect, so if an opponent bad mouthed him, he would do the same.

his nickname was the lion of culiacan,he doesnt like people picking his opponents and he doesnt like people rushing him,he needs to get ready to step in the ring he also needs no hype.

first Mexican boxer to become a champion in 3 different weight classes, held 6 world championships, and went 90 fights undefeated before losing his first fight to Frankie Randall

he needs money, he needs to be around boxing, and he needs to apologize and admit defeat to Meldrick Taylor.

Just my opinion

google his name also wikipedia you can find lots of info about julio

The Lion of Culiacan was his nickname

I know one thing he didn't like Smooth Boxers.(LOL)

Why are they call videos?

Because that's what they are videos! This web pages ask for my money and what they have are videos not boxing fights!! You click on a "fight" and what you get is a video of the two fighters being weighted this is a rip off comrades don't let ( or any other thieves take the money from you........................GOD BLESS AMERICA!!

Sometimes I touch myself late at night.

Are finger and finger-tip push-ups good for you?

Is it good to do push-ups on your;

1. fingers (straight fingers, palms parallel to the ground, finger prints on ground.)?

2. finger-tips? (same as above but with but with fingers making 90 degree andles so that the finger tips are on the ground.)

if you want to play with your self better


How do I stop hyper extending my elbow when I jab/right cross?

Every time I go to jab/right cross, I hyper extend my elbow. Is there anything I can do to prevent this, and jab/right cross normally?

Thanks in advance.

Break down the jabbing/crossing movements into slow motion to practice the proper form. Then as you learn the so-called "muscle memory", do it a little faster, keeping good form. Keep it up until you reach punching speed again.

You want to snap out your punches not reach as far as you can, make suer when you are hitting the bag or doing mitt training to not be on the limit of your reach, that is how a lot of guys end up with elbow problems from snapping their punches at the limit of their reach.

When you jab and right cross, you don't have to pull your arm back. Keep your arm loose and just Throw it away. Your arm will automatically come back. if you keep your arms loose there should be no problems.

Follow through with your punch. Put some weight into it.

Celebrity Fight, Mario Lopez vs. Mark Wahlberg?

Who'd Win?

I'd go with the street punk over the gay guy.

mario lopez has big muscles

Mario. He had the best muscles.

Why do boxers seem to grab at their nose before fighting or during a fight?

They always touch their nose or grab at it while guarding their face. This isn't to poke fun at boxers, I just want to know why many boxers have this habit.

There is a very legitmate reason behind what appears to be boxers touching or grabbing their face(s)... If you ever started boxing at a entry-level, you may have been taught defensive postures or stances or perhaps how to move foward, backwards or even laterally, etc..And then there are some people who learn how to jab first because the jab is one if not thee, most important punch in boxing.. In any of these events though, you are most certainly taught how and wear to hold you hands, arms, guards, or what-have you..

Well in that particular instance, you should be well understood about how important it is to keep you hands at "EYE-LEVEL". And as the rounds progress,you will eventually, subconsciously lower your hands to "CHIN-LEVEL, which is still good yet somewhat risky...So if you haven't already figured it out, ultimately the touching of the nose or side of the face, is an "Old-school" reminder of where you hand should be..

I.E.. If you are left-handed, your left hand should be next to if not touching the left side of your face while you right-hand or (jab-hand) is in front of you, working defensively and of course aggressively.. Vice-versa for the Right-hand or Right-handers...

You can observe "Mohammedl Ali" doing this all the time but he is one of the few people who kept his hands low without getting hit too much, like Ray Robinson and Roy Jones...IN THEIR PRIMES!...

I hope this answers your question?..Good luck!..

The same reason basketball players blow in there fist when they come into a game just Habit it serves no purpose a boxers hands are always in his face so he just touches his nose from time to time

they're trying to clear the mucus or blood out their nose, if they cant breathe right out their nose then breathing out their mouths will make them tired faster

Lifting weights for boxing?

is it good to do weights on your back and legs for boxing .will it help your balance

Yes, you should lift everything. Back will add to your punches and legs will assist with balance and even punch power too.

Usually you use your legs to get some extra "pop" on your punches. It will all help and even if it doesnt, it will not hurt.

Flexibility is more important in boxing than muscle. Swimming is better than lifting weights, although light weights are okay.

Yup for those uppercuts.

but it's a lot more important to work on your flexibility, back muscles, and abs (sides and front)

i dont lift weight at all and i still punch harder than kasta zoo!

all my devastating power comes from my testicles.

yes, squats will help you duck. and deadlifts should give you supreme lower back strength.

No it will make you stiff just stretch alot and lift LIGHT weight

yeah, you need your legs strong.

Can roman gonzalez become greater than ricardo lopez?

minimum weights

Maybe, the way he is going to be better is by moving up, Lopez avoided Mark Johnson and stayed at his weight but the only way Gonzalez is going to exceed Lopez's greatness is by moving up and taking on new challenges.

Personally he is one of my favorite active fighters to watch nowadays, he is reminiscent of Alexis Arguello.

No, Lopez was very technical, had power on both hands and stamina in bunches. He threw punches from all angles and directions.

Chocolate is limited

Who your favorite current puerto rican boxers?

i like daniel santos an ivan calderon..

I have trouble really liking Daniel Santos, he is too hot and cold for my taste. Ivan Calderon is fun too watch just because he is so skilled but my favorite right now is JuanMa, he could be really something special.

My favorite of all time is a tie between Carlos Ortiz and Wilfredo Gomez.

Miguel Cotto and then Juanma Lopez

Gomez was the best puerto rican ever.

Miguel Cotto

Ivan Calderon

and Juanma Lopez



Tito Trinidad... the greatest ever!

Miguel Cotto

What are some underrated fights?

o'neil bell vs jean marc mormeck I an II come to mind...

Danny "Little Red" Lopez vs Mike Ayala was a really exciting fight, but the fight I would reccomend to anyone who wants some action is Roger Mtagwa vs Tomas Villa, I have been repeating this over and over but it really was a great fight.

Mike Mollo vs Andrew Golata was pretty entertaining as well.

HUMBERTO SOTO vs pacquioa

A Boxer in need of help?

i have been boxing for 3 months, i am 5,2 107 lbs. I'm built for speed and have very good conditioning, running 2.5 miles a day. I like to be a presser someone flowing them in there tracks the hole time, I need to know what can i do to be a better BOXER not just a good faster puncher. Can you help me?

If I understand your question fully, you want to be a better boxer..... as in boxer-puncher, vice brawler-slugger?..

Well assuming that you practice good physical conditioning for that of a boxer, this shouldn't be a problem once you're comfortable enough while in the ring with another person and able to think..

Since you're 5' 2" @ 107 lbs and assuming that you're relatively young, fast hands is an inherit gift that you already have so now you're thinking of expanding your style or increasing your skills..

Well, if you don't have a trainer, it would be quite helpful to get one so that you can go through some various punching combinations and countering techniques..The watchful eye of a trainer will also help you learn more quickly, what is good and what is bad, rather than learning through trial and error while somebody is beating you down in the ring!

These are some of the elements of a good boxer. Quite naturally you can never be sure what your opponent might present so as a good or well-rounded boxer, it will be wise on your part to drill constantly so if and when you should get too tired or unable to relax (which is often the case), your punching and maneuvering will occur instinctively...

The mitts, heavy-bag and maybe even the "Crazy-Bag", are all good to pracitice your combinations.. Of course the "jab" is the most fundamental punch for a boxer.. It is the beginning and end of nearly every combination that you execute..It also considered the most important punch, both offensively and defensively to a fighter..Whether backing-up or advancing in a forward motion, the jab is one if not thee, most essential weapon in a boxer's arsenal.. Exempt from most fighters today so it is becoming a rare yet forever useful weapon in the sport of boxing but those who find it most effective, are the few who have come to believe in their abilitly to execute and effectively use the jab...Finding and knowing your range, is another important element of a good boxer..Equally important is the art of executing "feints". Feints will not only allow you to rest a little but it will also keep your opponent at bay and on edge with minimal effort on your part.

No matter who you are and how long you've been boxing, the jab can never be perfect and yet always improved..I hope I've passed on some useful advice?.. Good luck!

So basically you want to be a pressure fighter? Pressure fighters are always punching most of the time and have good defense. You have to be well conditioned to be a good pressure fighter since you are usually trying to close the distance between you and you opponent and getting shots in close. You are constantly punching most of the time and trying to avoid being hit. The best way to become a good pressure fighter is knowing how to cut off the ring and using good angles. Don't let your opponent work off from you. Cut him/her off. You do this by walking the opposite way he/she is walking. If your opponent is trying to circle right, you circle left and cut the distance. You want to trap him/her on the ropes or corner so you have an opportunity to punch. Make sure you give yourself room to punch as well. Being too close cuts your power away and gives you no room to punch. Make sure you are constantly moving your head and keeping your hands up at all times, obviously if they see you coming to them, they will try to jab at you and throw more punches. You have to have good defensive skills to be a pressure fighter.

Read body language. Anyone can throw a punch. A good boxer can read body language and learns when to hit,move,duck,block. Footwork is key also. It all comes together

put on mom weighs more than you.

What would be the outcome of a fight this year between Wladimir Klitschko and David Haye?

Would Haye have a chance?

I kind of doubt it, but it could be an interesting fight.

How do you think it would play out?

I think its about a 50/50 chance that either guy can win the fight. The thing that really bothers me is that Wladimir Klitschko made it an issue to have the fight in Germany. From what I understand David Haye and his camp really felt like his chances of winning a decision in Germany is impossible.

Klitschko is a Boxer his style is safety first excitement last. I seriously think P4P Wladimir has the best Jab in Boxing. IF David cant get past his Jab I don%26#039;t see how he can seriously win epically from the outside with a Taller fighter.

Haye%26#039;s best bet is too come out like a hound dog and be on Klitschko from start to finish. Wladimir is vulnerable in the early round because he needs too feel his opponent out. IF Haye comes out and try%26#039;s too bum rush him doesn%26#039;t give him time too do that. Wladimir also has a few issues with his Chinny Chin Chin I would look for Daivd too try and test that as well.

Wladimir Klitschko by Decision

Haye has a slight chance because he is fast and can swat and Wlad has a suspect chin. That said, his chance is like 5%. Wlad will probably KO him with a jab.

wladimir ko in 4 rounds with a massive right cross onto haye chin ;))

wladimir would take him out


How good could zeljko mavrovic have been?

this was the man lennox lewis said was his toughest fight. zeljko got sick after the fight with lewis and had to retire from boxing. lennox lewis was his only loss, on points!!

Its really hard too tell because he fought the majority of his fights in Germany. The only fight I seen him in was the Lennox Lewis fight and he put up a hell of a battle I'll say that much.

The thing with European fighters is that Americans don't really get too see much of them over here. If they aren't fighting on HBO or fighting guys like Oscar Dela Hoya people just have limited exposure too their careers.

Whatever happened to derrick

known for his fights with wladimir klitschko an maurice harris

He got knocked out by me.

Why didn

i see he was scheduled to fight julio diaz and that diaz ended up fighting rolando reyes and got knocked out by reyes. WHAT happened to casamayor? did he pull out of this fight?

back injury

i heard on the radio it was due to injury....i forget what specific injury though.

for full breakdowns and fight coverage, check out this show:

best boxing radio you're gonna fact, if you find a better one,let me know

What is it called when boxers do the thing where they

Sorry for my ignorance, but is it so they won't get hit but can rest? Doesn't it make it confusing for the judges?

Clinch is the most common term for it. Sometimes it is also referred to as "tieing up". There are multiple reasons for it. Sometimes it's to rest, sometimes it to get a few seconds to recover from a damaging blow to the head. It can also be used as a defensive tactic to prevent a powerful but smaller opponent from landing a series of strong blows. Lastly, it's also something that just happens when you have 4 arms flailing away and there's not enough punching room.

I don't think it confuses the judges, but if there's a lot of it, it makes it harder for them to do their job because there's not enough fighting accomplished to pick a winner of any given round.

Clinch! One want rest after is hit much.

Wanna do roadwork but live in a dangerous neighborhood. what should i do?

I'm a 15 year old girl and I hope to one day become a pro-boxer. Lately I've been training and doing some roadwork, but now it's too dangerous for me to even run down the street. What should i do?

Always vary your route.

You'll be OK once or twice, because as a runner, you'll be gone before a bag guy figures out that you're there. But if you are predictable -- always running by at the same time -- then you are in danger.

Vary your running route considerably, and maybe even vary the time of day when you train.

Also, run when there are a lot of people around, and don't be afraid to wave at folks so they notice you and keep an eye out for your well-being.

Also, make sure you take a big knife with you. I'm serious. It is your responsibility and your duty to protect yourself. Unless you want to live in a society like Saudi Arabia where women are forced to be chaperoned by their male family members everywhere they go, then you have to protect yourself, and that means using a weapon.

Good Luck.

if it's that dangerous i wouldn't do it but if you have to-- take some "mace" with you. if you have to use it make sure they are downwind of you. i think they now make some with foam which would be easier to use. check a sporting goods store

I agree with Myk Cats. Find some other boxers to run with. If there are three or four of you, you're not likely to have a problem. Be sure to carry a cell phone.

You can always wake up early in the morning before anybody is out like 6am or 7am. If your in high School you can run on a treadmill or the school track.

do your roadwork with a buddy or other fighters. or go to your gym and run on a treadmill. if your school has a running track, then use that.

Run faster

Is there any heavy weight out there right now that you think can beat Klitchko?

Please be reasonable and just because you dislike Klitchko dont say someone else. Reasonabley is there a good chance that any heavy weight out there can beat any of the klitchkos?

I think David Haye can beat him, and I'm assuming you're talking about the younger Klitz. As big of a size advantage that Klitz may have, Haye has the speed and athletic advantage.

I think if Eddie Chambers really wanted it as if his life were on the line, I think he could beat Klitz easily. I think Chambers has that Buster Douglas kind of laziness in him. Good fighter, could be a lot better, doesn't seem to crave victory.

I'm going with Elmer on this one I think David Haye has a really good chance at beating Klitschko. One thing people have always questioned is his chin. All of David's fight have been KO's in his favor except the one fight he lost. I think if Klitschko comes out and isn't cautious he can be STRETCHED.


1) Chris Arreola

2)David Haye

btw does anybody else tyhink valuev looks like a piece of s.h.i.t. mongoloid

Haye could beat him and I think he will. He is an athletic man who is a better boxer than either Kiltzchko bro. Wladimir has a soft chin and Haye does have good power.


These guys are delusional. Haye has a bad chin for a Lt. heavyweight. Klitchkos will KILL him!

I wouldn't be surprised to see him get KO'd by a jab.

ruslan chagaev can probably beat wladimir klitschko. vitali would be much harder though

2012 olympic BOXING team?

will the 2012 us olympic boxing team be once again confined to a prison -like environment for a year like the 2008 team was????

i know that the trainer dude quit or resigned...and that the fact that the team sucked was because they were prisoners for a year!!

any boxing enthusiasts

Boxing is not a team sport these fighters have trained for years with the same trainer and to take them away from there trainers for a year is asking for trouble . I have no problem with the fighters going away for a month or two to train under the US coach but that should be about it. The US sucked at the last Olympics because someone who knows nothing about boxing had this great idea one fighter did not make weight are you kidding me.There was some thing else that happen but I can`t remember what it was thank God.

it could be that or its the fact that many of the Olympic USA boxers don't try that hard because they know they will be pro afterward cause they made it to the Olympics. they get over hyped sometimes and that gets to the athletes head.

Adrian Diaconu Tonight!?

Im excited to see this man fight tonight so i can see really if he is the real deal like KniteDe bare claims. But i doubt it will be a good fight. He is on the undercard of Holt Bradley on showtime. looks like Diaconu is fighting a cupcake 10-7-1 record and never heard of the guy. Prolly looking for some american exposure. Hopefully he knocks this guy out early and will prolly say he wants Chad Dawson next setting up a unification fight in October or so. Should be interesting but im not paying to see valero on PPV ne thoughts?

mate i was not even impressed by diaconu!


Diaconu had not fight for 14 months and he needed a tune up!

He was out of rhythm 100% i got dissapointed!

He gets older and inactivity has hurt him badly!

I guess in a couple of years when diaconu will be 34 or 35 and totally inactive I HOPE UR GREAT BAD CHAD DAWSON LMAO THEN HE WILL GET SOME BALLS FIGHT HIM LOL

Jordan why u stress man???

soon or late Dawson will have to face him,so we gonna see who the best man is man;)

in words americans u beat Klitsckos valuev adamek calzghe bute and all of them

in words Normen was saying that estrada would ko Potevkin


Hes fighting a guy that has a record of 10-7. In his last 6 fights alone hes 2-4. Now I have never seen Diaconu fight nor his Opponent but when you look at the guys he being matched with you have too wonder is this just a tomato can being used too pad a record.

I don%26#039;t understand if your looking to make a name for yourself what is the logic in fighting a guy that%26#039;s 10-7 ? ThIs is exactly what I%26#039;m talking about guys getting scrap belts and fighting journeymen as an easy way too keep them.


Want to start boxing...good idea?

Well Im 15 years old 5 11- 6 foot 156 pounds. Athletic but from running. Big track/cross country fan. But I really want to start boxing. Mainly for the fitness and physique. Is this a good sport to achieve that? Is it fun?

I am willing to work hard. I always do. How much is it a month? What kinda gear do I need? Any other info that you guys can give me would be great.

Boxing is not an easy sport, I'll tell you that much. It takes a lot to become a successful boxer. Someone who boxes as just for fitness isn't pushed as hard as real fighters who enter in competitions. Boxing I have to admit is fun yet very demanding and challenging. You must be committed and devoted to your training at all times because your training is what will affect what you do in the ring when you are sparring or in competition. Prices a month vary on what gym you attend and how they set the prices out. Some gyms are expensive but those are the good gyms where real fighters train. Gear you can start out with is hand wraps, a good pair of training/boxing gloves, jump rope, head gear ( if you plan on sparring with friends ), mouth piece, groin protector, and boxing shoes if preferred.

Joining a boxing gym/club would be your best option if you really want to learn the sweet science.

Good luck and be safe. Boxing is a dangerous sport but it's not so dangerous if you do know how to box.

you can try to contact the golden gloves association.they are the largest amateur boxing organization in the country.


Can someone explain the main purpose of hitting the body in boxing? I've heard of a quote "Kill the body, and the head will die".

By punching in the ribs or using body blows you are taking away your opponents ability to breathe.Punches to the chest sides and stomach all take their toll on the lungs and the amount of oxygen they can sent to the rest of the body.I have actually seen a fight end in TKO as result of a body shot.The boxer dropped to the mat after a vicious hook to the ribs on the left side and could not catch his breath enough to get back up.

It's a larger target, easier to hit. In addition, most of your vital organs are in the trunk of the body. The solar plexus is recognized as a knock out target. By hitting there or other places on the torso, you can cause the target to not be able to take a good breath. Without the oxygen, the person is easily rendered unconscious.

because body shots hurt way more then head get blasted to the ribs and the air is just knocked from your body and you are unable to breathe.ive been stopped by bodyshots before and the purpose is like i mentioned above to take away their air and then when they cant breathe they lower their hands and then that opens up the opportunity for headshots

Because basically, if you wind your opponent, the fight is basically over, he wont be able to fight back (punch him in the stomach so he cant breathe properly, it isnt hard either, you dont need strong punches to do this)

Which guy threw the most illegal punches in boxing?

I was just wondering which professional boxer was the dirtiest and threw the most illegal punches/blows.

I think the most shameful display of illegal punches belongs Andrew "the Foul Pole" Golata, Andrew was landing combinations to Bowe's groin, with obvious intent to end any thoughts of Riddick ever fathering any little Bowes in the future. Andrew also is the only guy I know who tried to land a rabbit punch WHILE HIS TEETH were attached to his opponent's throat (Sampson Paou was Andrews victim). Tyson was't the only biter, but when the two met in Alburn Hills Michigan, Andrew got hit so hard the punch echoed over the crowd noise, and then quit on his stool the next round. As dirty fighters go, Golata was worse than even Tyson.

Mike Tyson:

but does biting count?

What time does Holt vs Bradley start?

eastern standard? thanks in advance.

10:45 eastern time

Monday, March 30, 2009

Favorite Baseball Player?

name your favorite modern day ball players from the AL and NL then name your favorite past time player(s)

like mine is NL- Manny Ramirez

AL- Jason Bay

Pastime- Ruth, Mantle, Sandberg, and my favorite (seeing as I'm a Cubs fan and nobody deserves to get into the HOF soon rather than him) Ron Santo

AL- Mark DeRosa

NL- Ryan Theriot


C- Johnny Bench, 1B- Lou Gehrig, 2B Rogers Hornsby, SS Ernie Banks/Honus Wagner. OF- Mickey Mantle/Ted Williams/Willie Mays

Some of my favorites by position.

NL: Hanley Ramirez and Geovany Soto

AL: Jacoby Ellsbury and Jon Lester

PAST: Duke Snider, Greg Maddux, Mickey Mantle, Willie Mays, and Pedro Martinez. The ones after them are Henderson and Garciaparra.

* It's Carl Yastrzemski (I memorized it because I'm such a baseball nerd)

NL-all time favorite is Pudge Rodriguez

AL-brain roberts

Pastime- Mantle, Bench, ozzie smith, and stan the man musel

NL - Rich Hardin

AL - Jason Bay

past - Jackie Robinson

AL- Ryan Sweeney (He was a rookie on the A's last year)

NL- Tim Lincecum

Pastime- Rickey Henderson

AL- Rocco Baldelli


past - Al Kaline and Greg Maddux and Cal Ripken, JR.

NL- Jimmy Rollins

AL- Dustin Pedroia

Pastime: Clemente, Rose, Cobb

AL- Ichiro Suzuki

NL- Jay Bruce

All Time- Tony Gwynn, and the whole BIG RED MACHINE ( Go Reds )

All time favorite - Mickey Mantle

present day - AL Derek Jeter, NL Chase Utley

NL - Albert Pujols


PT - Stan Musial

AL- Derek Jeter

Nl- Tim Lincecum

Pst time- Joe DiMaggio

AL: Roy Halladay

NL: I like Orlando Hudson :)

past time player

Lou Gehrig

al- vtek

nl- ramerez

past- carl ustremki

**i know i spelt carls ustremskis name horribly wrong

AL- Roy Halladay

NL- Albert Pujols

AL- Mark Ellis

NL- Matt Kemp

Pastime- Roberto Clemente

AL - Brian Roberts

NL - Mark Reynolds

Past - Kirby Puckett, Cal Ripken Jr., and Kent Hrbek.



AL; CC or K-Rod


NL; honus wagner

AL; the great Babe

AL- Jim Thome

NL- Manny Ramirez

AL Pat Burrell

NL Chase Utley!!!!

paST time..... tug mcgraw. mitch Williams and pete rose.

*chase utley rocks*

AL- SandMan

NL- MANNY RAMIREZ because hes not in the AL Yankee killer.

AT- Mantle

current-russell Martin

past-Greg Maddux

NL- Chase Utley

AL- Kevin Youkillis

Past Time- Mike Schmidt

Whats your starting lineup going to look like on opening day?

For the mets I think:

Jose Reyes

Danial Murphy

David Wright

Carlos Delgado

Carlos Beltran

Ryan Church

Luis Castillo

Brian Schneider

Johan Santana

BQ (Optional) : Why do the Padres where those army colored uniforms?

1 Alfonso Soriano

2 Kosuke Fukudome

3 Derrek Lee

4 Milton Bradley

5 Aramis Ramirez

6 Geovanny Sotot

7 Mike Fontenot

8 Ryan Theriot

9 Pitcher

BQ: They wear them in honor of an Army Base in San Diego. If you ask me, that is their best uniform.

Jacoby Ellsbury (CF)

Dustin Pedroia (2B)

David Ortiz (DH)

Kevin Youkilis (1B)

Jason Bay (LF)

J.D. Drew (RF)

Mike Lowell (3B)

Jason Varitek (C)

Jed Lowrie (2B)

Bay, Drew, and Lowell will probably be changed up. They are all about equal.

Starting Rotation:

Josh Beckett

Daisuke Matsuzaka

Jon Lester

Brad Penny

Tim Waikfield

Chone Figgins

Bobby Abreu

Vladimir Guerrero

Torii Hunter

Kendry Morales

Juan Rivera

Howie Kendrick

Mike Napoli or Jeff Mathis (we have two catchers so.. i dunno)

Maicer Izturis or Erick Aybar (we also have two shortstops... three shortstops to be exact)

too many people... ya want any??

BQ: The Padres are one of the biggest supporters of the Armed Forces in all of baseball! They constantly give tickets out to the men and women who serve our country free of charge.. you always see em around the stadium. So the jerseys are for them as well. Its a beautiful thing!









BIG Z!!!!

BQ: They wear them in honor of the army base in San Diego, I actually like there uniforms this time around

(9 more days!)

Ian Kinsler

Michael Young

Josh Hamilton

Nelson Cruz

Hank Blalock

David Murphy/Marlon Byrd

Chris Davis

Jarrod Saltalamacchia

Elvis Andrus

BQ: That Guy already covered it. :)










Against Derek Lowe

BQ: What That Guy said. It's kinda cool for them to support their Army base.


Randy Winn

Edgar Renteria

Pablo Sandoval

Bengie Molina

Fred Lewis

Aaron Rowand

Travis Ishikawa

Kevin Frandsen

Tim Lincecum

Bret gardener or melky cabrera?

which is the better baseball player


i will choose best answer 10 points

Gardner, he has speed, and good outfield range. He also had a OBP over .400 last season down in AAA so he can be patient, he has all the potential, so he needs to be given a chance, and the Yankees have a lineup that can enable a guy like Brett Gardner to grow as a player in the Major Leagues.

If I do remember correctly Cabrera was second in outfield assists a couple of years ago. His arm is amazing. We all know his capability, he has more experience, and has some great highlights. Gardners is also homebrewn and has great potential. Speed is a plus in centerfield. So flip a coin.

For the Yankees Center Position i take Bret Gardner because he has SPEED , He has great Defense and i have seen have good at bats this spring training i think if he can better Patience at the Plate then the guy will be good

he can be a Lead off hitter or hit 9th

I will take Bret Gardner he has so much speed and can take an extra base. He is also good in the outfield. Melky will be a good back up player.

I think Melky Cbrera becuase he has MLB experince already. He has good speed. He has good defence to

They are both horrible. I'm sure Yanks will replace them with an all star player who makes 15 million a year.

brett gots the speed, but melky got that and experience. brett is quick and contact hitter. im gonin with bretty boy

brett gardner

If you could take one player, from any era...?

If you could take one player, from any era of the game, at their prime. Who would you chose?

I'm either taking Honus Wagner or Babe Ruth, both guys would be tremendous to build a team around. The Babe with his power and his early pitching. And Honus being one of the first five tool athletes.

I guess for the sake of the question I'm going to take Babe Ruth, even though Honus was outstanding defensively.

Greg Maddux.

The arguement for the modern era is simple math. There are more high schools, colleges, and minor league teams, filters in a way. For the individual it is MUCH harder to get into the big leagues. The cleveland spiders signed cy young because they heard about him throwing walnuts at a barn door. Also there is a reason that pitchers dont use the exaggerated deliveries anymore as it harbors potential delivery mistakes that wont be missed by modern hitters with film to study.

You have got to go modern era with this. I can see an arguement for other players, but Maddux absolutely tormented the 90`s. Nobody was a more complete player at their position. He pitched brilliantly, gained more gold gloves than any player and he wasn`t a terrible hitter either.

If you look at the "mvp" side of it, he gave the Braves the legacy of the 90`s. He helped push a franchise into an unknown epoch of success.

As for hitters, Bonds (steroids or not) was the most feared hitter in the history of the game. <-----------( period)

Rogers Hornsby, Joe Jackson, Ty Cobb, Bob Gibson, Bob Feller, Walter Johnson, Albert Pujols, Willie Mays, Pete Rose oh but I have to pick only one......

Rube Waddell!!!

Billy boy: You go tell Walter Johnson he could only throw 70 MPH and he would hurl you through a brick wall. Not only that but pitchers in previous eras had a variety of pitches and movement on their fast balls, which few have today.

wow that's a good question

Maybe Babe Ruth because the guy could hit and Pitch

or Joe DiMaggio my Fav Yankee or

I Always wanted to see Mickey Mantle one of the Greatest Switch hitters ever to play the game of Baseball

hear me out, back when ruth played they pitched about 70 miles an hour, no pitcher worked like they did today. anyway i would go with mickey mantle for his hitting. in babe played today he would look like julio franco

Willie Mays, Sandy Kofax, Ted Williams

I would have to go with old "Shoeless" Joe Jackson. He was one of the very best in his day.

reggie jackson.

Willie Mays

What do they do with yankee stadium?

and the mets old field what will happen to both of there old fields? do they just sit there and never get used again or do they get demolished if they just sit there then thats stupid 2 build a new stadium

Both stadiums will be demolished, Shea and Yankee Stadium will be imploded almost the same time.

They will be demolished if they haven't been already.

Which team is better Nationals, Padres, or Pirates?

Which team is better at starter,bullpen,batting,defense and has many prospect.

I'd put em in that order: nats padres pirates. The Nats have a lot of bats, and they also have alot of guys with high injury risk. They need to get better pitching...especially a starter that goes later into games so the bullpen isn't over exposed... the Nats are a team that has a head case at every position on the 40 man roster... go nats.

the padres have some pitching, but they need bats and defense and a SS... that's a team that should be drafting the fastest guys b/c of the park they have, they could dominate if they played like Japan did in the WBC at Safeco.

the pirates... isn't 20 years of bad drafting enough? They aren't even trying anymore... they have that McClutchen kid, he hasn't been that great when I've seen him (3 times last 2 years fr AA and AAA and once in the AAA All Star game, he was great in that game)

The Nationals, they have some young guys and have some potential to make a run in the NL East. The Padres may not be terrible because of how bad the NL West is.


Padres, hey they have Jake Peavy and Adrian Gonzalez

Nationals, just signed a pitcher who is just as good as say josh beckett now and he is only 19 or 20.


Does anybody really care about who is the best of the worst?

I'm going with the Padres.

I'd say Padres

Question about losing streaks?

The Texas Rangers have an 8 game losing streak to the Red Sox in Boston. They have wins over the Sox in Arlington, but in Boston they can not seem to win here lately. SO my question is, what is the longest losing streak that one team has over another visiting team? It has got to be more than 8 games. I am not talking about losing streaks of one team to another, I have been able to look that up. I am only talking about losing streaks to another team as visitors.

Thanks to any answers.

(Well, thanks to any correct answers)

Since 1954 -- not all of history, but the complete expansion era -- the longest visitor's losing streak is 19, accomplished twice.

Blue Jays at Orioles, 15-Sept-1978 through 02-May-1981.

Indians at Yankees, 10-June-1960 through 21-April-1962.


Jays: 1978, won at Baltimore on 6/6, lost 9/15-17 (3); 1979, lost 6/29-7/1 ( 4, 7), 9/3-6 ( 3, 10); 1980, lost 6/24-26 ( 3, 13), 9/19-21 ( 3, 16); 1981, lost 4/30-5/2 ( 3, 19), won on 5/3.

Indians: 1960, won on 5/12, lost 6/10-11 (2), 7/26-28 ( 3, 5), 8/26-27 ( 4, 9 -- ah, for the heady days of back-to-back doubleheaders); 1961, lost 4/27-29 ( 2, 11), 7/5-6 ( 2, 13), 9/7-10 ( 5, 18); 1962, lost 4/21 ( 1, 19), swept doubleheader 4/22. (The Tribe then lost four more in NYC before sweeping another doubleheader in August.)

For getting those troublesome bathroom mirrors really clean, always reach for Windex Non-Streak Formula.

The Chipmaker always has a great answer.

People get dirty streaks in their clothes. So you might want to know how to lose them.

Should Jeter keep leading off too start the year?

This is being done more out of necessity than anything else to break up the lefty-heavy Yankee line-up.

But it's not like Jeter is unqualified for the job. His on-base percentage over the last three seasons is .389 while Damon's is .361. In fact, Jeter's career OBP is higher than Damon, the career leadoff guy, by about 30 points.

He's not Rickey Henderson, but then again either is Damon or Gardner. Jeter is a smart enough baserunner to get his steals and force the pitcher to make adjustments.

Having lived through the days when it became fashionable to hate Don Mattingly, it's sad to see it all beginning again with Derek Jeter...especially since a lot of it is inspired by self-promoting sportswriters who only break a sweat when they run to the press-room for the free donuts.

The sole reason Jeter is leading off in 2009 is because he has hit into too many double plays during the past two years. He has hit into a total of 45 which puts him near the top in MLB during the past two years. A player that hits into too many double plays is not a good number two hitter.

i think this is how it should be like this: start melky against leftys and gardner vs. right handed pitchers. when they face RHP, damon should lead off. when its a LHP it should be jeter. plus it beaks up the back to back lefty combinations. on top of that jeter will probably have a better on base percentage. if it does not work then there is a good chance damon could be back on top.

Yes because he is breaking up the back-to-back lefty combination of Damon and Gardner. He has less power than Damon and can take the ball the other way. Damon, can pull the ball to get Jeter over. So yes I think it is a good idea but the Yankees will have to see how it goes.

Jeter doesn't seem like much of a lead off hitter.

I wonder how long until they stick him out to LF to hide his lack of range and arm?

He should just retire, he can't hit for power, and can't run. He can't play defense.

Yes because he hits into so many double plays maybe Johnny can drive him in

Why not? If he could bunt better it would help.


Best MLB Hitter Round 2: Final Four of the National League?

This is a tournament to decide who really is the best hitter in the MLB. Winners will advance to the next round.

These are the winners for the NL Divisions and the wild card winner.

Albert Pujols (NL Central) versus Hanley Ramirez (NL Wild Card)

Manny Ramirez (NL West) versus David Wright (NL East)

Which 2 of these 4 hitters do you think should advance to the semi-finals of the "MLB's Best Hitter" Tournament?

Pujols!! C'mon dude, Hanley could never wish to be in the same catagory as Albert. He has the potential to be the greatest ballplayer ever.


Albert Pujols over Hanley Ramirez

Manny Ramirez over David Wright



Albert Pujols

Manny Ramirez



Pujols and M Ramirez



Pujols vs Manny





Albert Pujols David Wright

Pujols and Manny.

Pujols and Manny

Puljos and Manny



Pujols , WRIGHT!!!!!

pujols, wright.

Pick your top 5 in the following list?

Jack Cust

Cristian Guzmn

Melvin Mora

Gil Meche

Mark Buehrle

Carl Pavano

Aaron Cook

Joe Saunders

Randy Winn

Kevin Gregg

1. Kevin Gregg - Lou Pinella just named him the Cubs' closer. While I doubt it lasts all season (and I think it's a stupid decision on Lou's part), there is a lot of value in closing for one of the best teams in baseball.

2. Gil Meche - I like his upside. He piles up more strikeouts than the rest of the list, and has the potential to be borderline dominant. I think he's incredibly underrated by fantasy players based on a few bad performances.

3. Jack Cust - he's a terrorist when it comes to AVG, but he will put up decent power numbers. If he's not going to take too huge of a chunk out of your team batting average, he's worth a look.

4. Cristian Guzman - I think he's a borderline player, but at a tough position, and he could have some real offensive value.

5. Melvin Mora - barely over Randy Winn. I actually think Winn might be the better overall player, but he is stuck in an absolutely awful lineup that will kill his runs and RBI total.

1. Joe Saunders

2. Aaron Cook

3. Mark Buehrle

4. Melvin Mora

5. Randy Winn

EDIT: Now that Gregg is the definite closer

1. Saunders

2. Gregg

3. Cook

4. Buerhle

5. Mora

Christian Guzman is going to be good this year, Mora is underrated. Cust is okay, don't start him right off, And any pitcher not named Carl Pavano would be good

1. Saunders

2. Cook




David Ortiz

Johnathan Paplebom

Mike Lowell

JD Drew

Cocoa Crisp






Joe Saunders






Mark Buerhrle

Joe Saunders

Melvin Mora

Jack Cust

Randy Winn

Mark Buehrle

Randy Winn

Joe Saunders

Gil Meche

Melvin Mora

joe saunders

melvin mora

mark buehrle


gil meche


umm. e. none of the above

I've honestly never heard of any of these players, so none of them can be that good

Do people honetly think Ryan Howard will make it to the HOF?

Not many people know but he is already 30...people think he is like 25

No way. anybody that strikes out that much doesnt deserve it

I'm a big phillies fan. and i don't think that he will. he might get to 500 home runs, but thats a long shot. He's 29, and was delayed by a year or two getting to the majors by Jim Thome. He's already hit a lot of homers. and he has more RBIs than just about anyone since he got called up. he has a really outside chance. everything will have to break right for him.

He could be this generations Dave Kingman.

I think that in a few years Howard will be lost to MLB history.

If Adam Dunn gets voted in I'll put my vote in for Ryan Howard. When that day comes it will be the last time I ever watch baseball.

Actually, he is 29

But I think he will, he just has to reach 600 hr's

it is way too early to tell

Who will win the Reds 5th spot in the rotation?

Dusty Narrowed it down to 2

Homer and Micah

Here are there Spring Training stats

Homer Bailey:

0 wins 1 loss

2.45 era

14.2 innings

12 so

Micah Owings:

3 wins 0 losses

1.45 ERA

18.2 Innings

19 SO

I would say Owings. What they should do is have a 6 pitcher rotation.

Owings will most likely win it over. But Bailey is still a very good pitcher. They could use him as a spot starter/long reliever and possibly trade bait at the deadline.

Micah Owings

Do you think that Albert Pujols will end up as one of the greats?

I need to lean more about baseball, I will be right back.

New to Baseball? Welcome to the club! Be warned-It's a wonderful addiction to have!

What Pujols does on the field is nothing short of briliant. The skills he brings are a joy to watch.

With a slightly longer career, (luck does play a part in something like that) he will have a long and HOF worthy career.

Welcome aboard!

Will be? He already is! He is possibly the greatest all around player in the history of baseball. Here are his career 162-game-averages: a .334 BA, 124 runs, 128 RBIs, 42 HRs, a .425 OBP, and only 66 Ks. Also, he's averaging 6 SBs, rare for a first baseman. He is probably the greatest defensive first baseman of all time, too. He should be a unanimous decision to the HOF. But then again, Babe Ruth wasn't, so you never know.

Yeah, he will. Top ten, no top five.

He's top 100 now. In two years it'll be top 50.

He's got a higher average than Ichiro and averages 40 homeruns a year. He's still young and is just entering his prime.

Crazy Good.

Pujols is already one of the greatest in a long time. He's easily one of the most talented players ever. At the pace he's going he could very well end up being the best ever.

"I need to lean more about baseball, I will be right back."

And you have the nerve to say Ichiro sucks? You are such a Hater I noticed through all your answers. GTFO!

edit: You are a Hater just admit it.

He already IS one of the greatest baseball players of all time!

Everytime he buttons his shirt, son, you are witnessing HISTORY!!!

If he were to hangup the cleats today he would still be a Hall of Fame player.

If he never used steriods then yes

he is already a great.

i agree with the 1st answer you got.

the guy is a beast he will be the home run king

How much do you think this is worth?

How much do you think an autographed Reggie Jackson ball is Worth???(Used, dirty sort of)

Try to remember that, while whatever someone says is important, it's not worth anything till you can find someone who will buy it.

As a life long collector of baseball memorbilia, it is nice to get an idea from someone, but alot of it really does depend on supply.

With no COA, it might be an issue to sell it period,

150 dollars


Old and dirty no COA, I'll give you $5. you pay for shipping.

Best MLB Hitter Round 3: AL Finals?

This is a tournament to decide who really is the best hitter in the MLB. The winner will advance to the next round.

These two hitters have made it all the way from round 1. Winner advances to the MLB Finals versus the winner of the NL Finals.

Joe Mauer versus Josh Hamilton

Which hitter do you think deserves to be named the "Best Hitter in the American League"?


Mauer, easily.

I can't even believe Hamilton made it to the finals. Sure he had a great first half last year (really and unbelievable first half), however it is one great half season for his entire career and he fell way off after his home run derby performance. Mauer has shown consistency up to this point in his career and will continue to do so if he stays healthy.

Mauer, more consistent. I can't believe that it only came down to these two. There are a bunch of better hitters in the AL than Mauer and Hamilton.

It is hard not to take Mauer in this one. Hamilton is a good hitter, but Mauer has been doing it for longer. Time will tell if Hamilton can catch up.

joe mauer. i think it was a fluke year for hamilton. mauer can get hits and get on base.


Hamilton is a one year wonder

Mauer. Hamilton has yet to prove himself. But really now, there have got to be better in the A.L.

Josh Hamilton

Josh Hamilton:)

Joe Mauer. I can't hardly believe that Ichiro didn't make it past the semis.


Seriously though how is Ichiro not here

Does injury count? If it doesn't it's Mauer he hits over .300 every year.



i say josh hamiton and how come ichiro not the finals vs joe mauer

Joe Mauer


Quentin!cubs suck!

I vote for Mauer!

Mike schmidt.....................

Which MLB team have the tallest player in 2009?

Jon Rauch who is like others have said 6'11

Although if Minnesota call up Loek Van Mill from there minor league system this year, he will take over as the tallest player, and he is 7'1 and the tallest player in the minors at the moment.

Arizona Diamondbacks

Jon Rauch, 6'11", tallest player ever

Diamondbacks Jon Rauch 6 foot 11

and for 6'11" disappointing? thats pretty darn tall! MLB is not the NBA where there are a large group of 7 footers

Only 6'11?

That is disappointing...

So who is the best hitter in the league?

I%26#039;m new and still confused (but interested too) at the game of baseball. One thing I like about baseball is hitting (like when the ball comes towards you and you just wanna hit it kinda stuff?), so I was wondering about this. Some of my classmates (who are biased, no doubt) say Manny Ramirez, Alex Rodriguez, Albert Pujols, etc etc?

Albert Pujols. You can say what you want about Manny, A-Rod, Ichiro, whatever. But never has a player put up more beautiful, consistent numbers. Ichiro%26#039;s only potential advantage over Albert is that he gets more hits and occasionally hits for a higher average. However, Pujols has a higher career average (.334-.331) and hits for WAY more power. Simply put, no player can hit like Pujols.

Over eight years, Pujols has AVERAGED .334-40-122. That%26#039;s a career year for 95 percent of players. In his worst season, he still hit .327-32-103, still elite numbers. Pujols is the only player to provide pure hitting from the outset in an elite way, going 8 straight years with an average of at least .314, at least 32 HR, and at least 103 RBI. Pujols walks almost twice as much as he strikes out. Pujols is the man.

It depends on what you qualify as best hitter.

Manny, Pujols, A-Roid, are all power hitters who also hit for a decent average. Most people would consider them amongst the most dangerous hitters in the league because of that. They%26#039;re you%26#039;re all around best. They not only get on base a lot, but they can hit the long ball.

If you want to talk about pure hitting, it would be hard to find someone better than Ichiro. He doesn%26#039;t hit for power, but he gets a lot of hits, and he%26#039;s led the league in hits for the past 3 seasons. He%26#039;s one of those guys that always hits for a high average and gets on base.

If you want to talk about pure power, right now Ryan Howard has been leading the league in HRs and Adam Dunn is up there too. The problem with Howard is he strikes out a lot and doesn%26#039;t hit for huge average, and Dunn%26#039;s batting average just plain sucks, but if they get ahold of one, its going to be going a long way.

Pujols gets on base and can get people around them. I agree with the Ichiro assessment too. I%26#039;d be happy starting a team with either player. Pujols%26#039; power is an added plus. The consistency of both players over the years puts them at the top of the list.

Manny, A-Rod and Guerrero get distracted too easily. Dunn and Howard strike out too much. It really comes down to your definition of best hitter. Are you the type to say Pete Rose was the greatest hitter ever or is it Ted Williams? I%26#039;m the type to lean towards Williams, so I%26#039;d choose Pujols.

Albert Pujols. he can hit for power, has a high batting average, and has very good plate discipline. most importantly, he has the been the most consistent hitter over the past few years. you can count on Pujols to hit .300 AVG, 40 HR, 120 RBI, and .400 OBP every season. that%26#039;s what makes him so great.

Well im a baseball freak and if you want to talk about best overall hitter, it is without a doubt Manny Ramirez. Go look up his career stats. EVERYTHING is good. Average, power, slugging. on base %, the guy is a freak.

i think ichiro suzuki is the best pure hitter. 8 straight seasons of 200 plus hits and a record 282 in one season, thats amazing. if ur looking for power then prob a roid even tho he did steroids he in on pace to break barry bonds record.

Albert Pujols is the best hitter in the league, he can hit higher than .330, and hit 40 homers or more, that is quite rare to find in a player.

The best power hitter is Albert Pujols. The best contact hitters are Dustin Pedroia and Ichiro Suzuki. That should cover it. hope I helped! :)

Manny Ramirez.

Right now I am going to take Pujols. It would have been A-Rod if he didn%26#039;t have all this drama. In 2 years it will be Hanley.

Ryan Howard


Can anybody recall what happened with Mark McGwire

He didn't play as much in his last two seasons. Was it because he was not the same player he used to be? And when Mac retired did it leave a bitter taste in his mouth after what went on in the 2001 NLDS vs. the D-Backs?

I think he had back problems in the last two years. His bat speed slowed down and he couldn't hit anything. I think he retired a few weeks into the last season after deciding he just couldn't play anymore.

The last two years he was hit with back pain that wouldn't go away he missed a lot of games those two years and then he just retired because the back pain got so bad at time it was hard for him to walk let alone hit a ball and run the bases.

With September 11th delaying the end of the season, Cal Ripken retiring and Tony Gwynn hanging up the spikes, I don't remember McGwire at all that year. The World Series was so great that year, does the rest really matter?

He got off the juice and became a crappy hitter. Then a peanut vendor kicked his *** for parking in his spot. McGwire cried like a little *****.

Will the Detroit Tigers finish last again?

I think the Tigers will have big-time pitching issues. With KC only getting better, the AL Central has no easy teams. Are Tigers in trouble again?


Well last year they were affected by the injury bug so that will make a difference, and if there pitching staff can hold there weight the offense will do the rest so it all depends on pitching and injuries but overall i think they'll finish 2nd in the Central and miss the Wild Card by a couple games behind the rays

Nope. After aquiring alot of talented players two years ago in the off season, this is a very decisive year for them. @009 is going to be their bounceback year and could end up with results similar to 2006.

Not likely. The Tigers expected win-loss record was 78-84 while KCs expected win-loss was 72-90. KC was luckier. If the Tigers played as they did last year they would be 82-80 which would bring them to where they should be for two years.

I think so.


Well without any malice (honestly) I'll say it this way - Let's hope so.

yes, just like their football team

Will Ryan Howard Break the Single Season Home Run Record this year?

The man is a machine he dropped 25 lbs in the off season and he has 8 HRs in spring Training

9 Homeruns as of todays game and 21 RBI in spring. Howard is a beast, he has a great chance to break the record- but he has to have a better first half if he ants to do it. Howard is a pure player. He will break the real record soon enough- if not this year than the next. By real record I mean the not steroid use records of Bonds and Clemens. Howard will get 60 HR at least this year. The guy's still young and he has a bright future ahead of him. He may strike out alot and his fielding may not be perfect but the HR record can easily be shattered. GO PHILLIES!! REPEAT IN 09!!! GO NOVA!!

He has a shot to break the "true record" of Roger Maris, however, the over inflated numbers of Barry will never be touched. The only minus with Howard, he can break Maris's record, yet in the same season, also break the record for strikeouts as well.

I doubt because he is a big strikeout hitter and when he usually doesn't kill the ball over the fence, his walking back to the dugout.

He might get over fifty this year but he won't break the record.

i doubt ryan will actually do it but he is probubly my guy to bet on if i had to pick someone to break it


now that steroids is once again band he has a great chance of doing so

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What If Bret Hart Was in his Prime?

Would he Be in TNA vs Kurt Angle or maybe Joe

bret hart in tna hahahahaha, they cant afford him. he would have headlined wrestlemania with orton this year, that would have been a great match. and what about a new new hart foundation with dh smith, tj wilson and natalya. that would be great. if bret was still in wwe, tna would have been bankrupt already and he could have kicked angles *** in the wwe. i really would like to see hbk tap out to the sharpshooter one more time

bret would like to wrestle angle but he does not like the TNA 6 sided ring, kurt angle apparently says the 6 sided ring is better for him. Joe is a fat half breed and bret would kill him and take that plastic knife and shove it up his fat a$$

If bret is in his prime, he's going where the gold is and thats the WWE, even though they would comprimse his gimmick... like they do everyone else


Hockey : Canada and hockey or USA and Football?

Which country has a higher % of people who know little to no knowledge about their #1 sport and the business that operates the sport

Go into any bar in the States and watch a football game and 90% of the guys in there have little to no knowledge of football.You can spot them after the first set of downs.

In Canada I%26#039;m not sure except I know it%26#039;s cold and they live in Igloos :)

By virtue of Canada having roughly 1/10th the population of the US, I%26#039;d say that more Canadians understand the business of hockey as opposed to the US and the business of gridiron.

Raw numbers...again, by virtue of the population difference the Americans would come out on top.

The percentage of Canadians who either play hockey or have a kid playing;re into a fairly steep percentage of the population relative to the % of Americans who play or have a kid playing organized gridiron.

I%26#039;m not sure but wouldn%26#039;t baseball be %26quot;America%26#039;s Sport%26quot; to spite footballs popularity growth over the last couple of decades??

I guess it depends on what you are using as the gauge for what the %26quot;#1%26quot; sport is.

I would say Canada and hockey. Events like the Winter Olympics and the World Juniors can unite even the fiercest hockey enemy in Canada.

i%26#039;m american- i hardly know stuff about football. but know a lot about hockey.

but-canada%26#039;s hockey is a religion.

id say usa and football!


Who is this player that holds the record?

He is the record holder for the most triples in ml and can you name the two teams he did it with?

Sam Crawford has 309 career triples. he has played for the Cincinnati Reds and Detroit Tigers from 1899 to 1917.

Philadelphia Athletics utility infielder, George Strief established the record in 1885. Strief, a .207 career right-hander, was having his best season that year, batting .274 in 44 games and 175 at-bats. On June 25, he added four triples, a record that stood alone until Bill Joyce amazed everyone with his four triples, twelve years later.

Good golf score for a child?

I am 13 and I havent golfed yet this year but last year I shot in the low to mid 80s... this year I will hopefully improve do you think I have any chance at colloge or pro?

You're playing well. Just keep practicing. Know that you're better than most adults already, but also know that there are plenty of 13 year olds out there who are chasing par. You have a long way to go, but you have time to get there, so keep plugging.

I will say this, though. It's almost April and you haven't played this year. I hope you've practiced at least. Guys who wind up on tour will play in the snow if they have to. :)

you have to be at least a 2 handicap to play in college....and a positive cap to play in the bigs...good luck.

everyone has a chance. but not at 13. if you can get scores into mid low 70's possible.


the best??????????????

i think so.

really this is a mixture of a response to you and "gabby" who repsonded before me. Okay Lebron is not a selfish player if that's what your attempting to say. Who leads the league this year in triple doubles (ahem Lebron, you know they just dont hand those out to people who keep the ball the whole game.) :)

But to answer your original question if Lebron is the best. I think we will find out truely who is the best in the next few years. MJ it truely the best player ever, but if your talking about just in todays game then it's obviously a toss-up between Lebron and Kobe as we all know. But Kobe has years on Lebron so he still has more time to prove him self. As of right now, today though, I would say Kobe is the best player (even though i am a Cleveland fan) because Kobe has been battle tested throughout his carrer and has the Championships to prove it. But this year's Finals i see a Lebron v Kobe Media Frenzy

Gabby, lol , get a clue about the game and LeBron. one of the criticism about LBJ is his unselfishness. that is totally opposite of what you are saying. Anyway LBJ has the potential to be the best because each year he gets better and better and he is only 24 so if he keeps improving and gets a more dependable shot then he definitely will be the best in the game.

no, the fact that he suck when he plays good teams. he only explode on the teams that are weak. but it doesn't prove a point that his the best. I have no idea why people are kissing his *** (especially the media) when he hasn't prove anything. MVP my *** I would rather see wade get it. All he does is show off since he entered the league his a kiss ***.

When he improves his jump-shots and lead Cleveland to a championship this year. If he fails to do both by the end of the season, then he's not the best.

So do i!

you've got it


Will we ever see a quarterback sacked again without a penalty?

Alright, I know we obviously will, but don't you think it's getting excessive? The quarterback is the most glorified (and in many situations the highest paid) player on the field, and there are more rules to protect him than men to protect the president. Seriously, when they said you can't hit him in the head, I was okay with that. But they took that rule too far where even if you tackle him too hard you get a penalty. It got to the point where if you even TOUCHED his head you'd get 15 yards the other way. Now you can't tackle him in the legs? That's such a lame rule. If you are falling down because a lineman shoved in the back (Which there is a one yard cusion where they can do that) than you have to get back up and start running again before you can make a play. Face it, the average amount of time a Quarterback has a ball is about 3-5 seconds per play and than it is gone. If you get knocked down, your first instinct is going to be to grab at their legs and start ripping and tearing and yanking as much as you can. You can't expect a player to do that, that's how he is trained.

Seriously, it is high time these "pretty boys" of the NFL start earning their money and taking hits like everyone else. Football is starting to have the least contact of all the non contact sports everywhere.

What's next? No hitting the QB in the back?

Basically, I'm just asking what is your take on this?

I agree. These new rules are ridiculous for defenders. Now if your going after a QB, you can't hit him too high, because if your arm or helmet manages to graze his helmet thats 15 yards. You can't go low now, because now grabbing a QB by his legs is a 15 yd penalty. The rule is if your knocked down you can't lunge at QB's legs...what the hell type of rule is that? What constitutes a lunge? What if your knocked into the QB? Its a bunch of crap. So basically you have to aim at the midsection and be damn sure you don't hit the QB with your helmet. Oh BTW you can't slam him too hard to the ground either, if you do 15 yard penalty. Before too long they are going to wrap all the players in bubble wrap.

Another new rule is you can't hit a defense less receiver in the helmet with a hand, arm, helmet, body...this is a ridiculous rule. I understand the horse collar rule; but player "safety" is going too far. Football is a dangerous game, thats the reason they wear over 400 dollars in equipment. It is insane.

First of all, you couldn't hit the quarterback at or below the knees before, the exceptions were if you were already on the ground or being pushed into the quarterback by an offensive lineman. They took away the first exception, that's it. Stop crying, it's really no big deal.

your rite the rules have got people afriad to get hit i look at the old games you see people pretty much doing everything that we cant today and QB's are the worst they take credit for a team going all the way but why they dont get there hands dirty the other team get penaltys if they hit him your rite on that one

the nfl is ruining football I mean gosh do they think people are going to watch a bunch of pansies hump each other (that's all they've been doing ever since the unnecassary roughness rule got put in)

The NFL is over protective

Of course you will, but you may not see anymore cheap shots at the knees

Put 'em in pink jerseys and skirts!

No we won't ,Soon sacking the QB will be a penalty!

i agree.they made it stupid now.thanks 2 Brady football will never be the same again.youll maybe see 4 or 5 sacks a season

we shall see when the flag qb seoson starts

well you see, quarterbacks are supposed to be pretty boys, so if your a defender the way to sack a quarterback is to run up to him, make sure your on his face side because if you hit him from behind you might startle him. you run up to his face side, and throw confetti in his face but make sure you don't touch him otherwise its a 15 yard penalty, i mean why would you hit in football? no, but seriously. if they are gonna do this than they should put flags on quarterbacks or do 2 hand touch because these rules are getting ridiculous...

In terms of football, these rules are ridiculous. Excepting protection from cheap shots and legitimately dangerous tackles (something that's highly likely to cause serious injury), there shouldn't be many rules regarding contact in a game that is based upon and has adapted around the idea of free contact and collision.

In terms of "the NFL is really a business and wants money" these rules make perfect sense. The NFL wants the best players to provide the best entertainment so that they can make money. To keep the best players they want to protect them from injury. So for the NFL, lowering the injury risk, whether they have to violate the basic nature of the sport or the fans desires or not, is always a good thing. That's why they have these rules. Unless the NFL sees big revenue losses as a result of this they won't change it, no matter what argument you come up with.

New rule: All defensive players are now required to equip themselves with soft fluffy pillows as a part of their "every-play" equipment... and when attempting to bring down a quarterback, they are required to use nothing but the pillow. In addition, if the said defensive player is successful in bringing down the quarterback, the player must immediately place the pillow on the ground in the general direction in which the quarterback is falling to ensure a soft, safe and injury free landing. If another defensive player is in the area, it is acceptable if he places his pillow on the ground also in attempt to further soften the quarterbacks fall. Any violation of the "pillow" rule will result in the following:

First time offender: 4 game suspension with no pay; $25,000 fine.

Second time offender: 1 complete season suspension with no pay; $50,000 fine.

Third time offender: banned for life.

Once the quarterback begins to waiver, any further pillow shots to the quarterback will result in a violation. All other rules for quarterback safety still apply, thus pillow shots to the head or legs of a quarterback will result in a violation. Pillow shots to a quarterback who is no longer in possession of the ball will result in a violation. All pillow shots must be to the torso of the quarterback and must only occur while the quarterback has possession of the ball and is maintaining his balance.

Furthermore... to protect a quarterbacks dignity, pillow shots can not result in a fumble. If the ball is knocked loose of a quarterbacks grip as a result of a pillow shot, the play will immediately be ruled an incomplete pass and play will be halted. Any pillow shots delivered to a quarterback after he has lost control of the football will result in a violation.

When determining whether or not a pillow shot will result in a violation, the acting referee will consult with the quarterback. If the quarterback determines the pillow shot was in fact a violation, a violation will be handed down to the guilty defensive player without question from the referee.