Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Are these slow times for all the people in my district schools?

These are people who go to different schools who are all freshmen, the top three times are:

5k run btw

1. 19.28

2. 20.35

3. 20.37

My 5k time is about, 23 minutes which is in the middle of the pack. I have two months to be able to descrease this time by about... 3-4 minutes? what do you suggest? should i start interval work? a running plan would be great thanks.

The above is a 10 week training plan for high school runners over the summer but you can continue it into the season. A 3-4 minute improvement in 2 months is a big stretch. have you been training over the summer?
the 5k time for my friend is 19.21

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yes the are slow for now just keep training and you will get your times down

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