Monday, July 12, 2010

Is there any team that would be willing to take in Christobal Huet an his contract?

Or will he be in the AHL sooner than later and then off to the KHL?

BQ: If your team was never in existence what team would you end up liking?

SQ(Trademarked by Casey...I will pay him later): Did you rub your moms feet every night or was it only three times a week?
There may be one team that could. The Islanders are still far below the cap floor and if they cant sign a guy like Kovalchuk they will need to take on some bad contracts to make them compliant with the CBA. But if the Isles were smart (a stretch I know) they would sign Niemi to an offer sheet instead and force the Hawks hand even harder with the Hjalmarsson deal looming already. The Hawks have a problem that wont be solved easily unless they can make what amounts to a poor deal for them just to dump Huets salary but right now I cant see them eatting the contract and sending him down to the AHL (except maybe just to fine tune his game for a month or so) and assuming they get a contract done with Niemi they will have Huet back him up. Huet can be a very good goalie in short spurts, he simply isnt capable of playing a #1 role over the course of a season. I have never been a fan of his but anyone who thinks he isnt capable doesnt know hockey that well....he isnt capable of being a full time or big game goalie but if he were to back up someone (at obviously a better contract number) he would easily be one of if not the best backups in the league. I see him in a Hawks sweater barring something crazy.

BQ. Tough one. As a Wings fan it would be tough to swallow being a Maple Leafs or Hawks fan but it would be one of those. I can get to either in semi reasonable time and have been to both cities many,many times but if pressed right now I would say the Hawks (more reasonable ticket prices being the deciding factor along with simple availability another factor plus border crossing isnt as easy nowadays).

SQ. Back when I was young you did what you were told or took a beating for disobedience so id mom wanted her feet rubbed you did it...period!
Possibly the Islanders, seeing how DP can

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