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Any good way to watch International German Open tennis tournament 2010 live online?

Any good way to watch International German Open tennis tournament 2010 live online?
You can try here:

Download and install the satellite-TV software , you can watch nternational German Open tennis tournament 2010 online in comfort and quality.
Watch tennis live online
Well, you can go

Download and install Satellite TV software on your PC, you could watch International German Open tennis tournament 2010 and thousands of worldwide TV channels like ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, Speed, ESPN, TNT, BBC, Sky, CCTV, CW, Local ... live online legally, comfortably and in good quality.

Hope it

How can I watch live MLB baseball games online in HD?

How can I watch live MLB baseball games online in HD?
You can watch it here:

Download and install the satellite-TV software , you can watch MLB games and many kinds of sports online in comfort and quality.
Well, you can go

Download and install Satellite TV software on your PC, you could watch MLB baseball games and thousands of worldwide TV channels like ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, Speed, ESPN, TNT, BBC, Sky, CCTV, CW, Local ... live online legally, comfortably and in good quality.

Hope it

How can I watch live NBA games online in HD?

How can I watch live NBA games online in HD?

Download and install Satellite tv software on your PC, you could watch NBA games and thousands of worldwide TV channels such as ABC, NBC, TNT, ESPN ... live online legally, comfortably and in good quality.
Well, you can go

Download and install Satellite TV software on your PC, you could watch NBA games and thousands of worldwide TV channels like ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, Speed, ESPN, TNT, BBC, Sky, CCTV, CW, Local ... live online legally, comfortably and in good quality.

Hope it

Do you think that the WWE creative team visits forums to see what majority of the fans want?

I mean how long have WWE fans on this site been saying that Kane needs a belt around his waist and all of a sudden out of nowhere, he is WHC... I mean no one saw that coming. So do you think that the team goes and checks on these things to see what the fans are saying?
You never know man, good question. I assume they trace down everything fans brag/beg about on different sites, or at least pay someone to do so.. Wouldn

What is the big deal about the Mosin Nagant ?

Other than being dirt cheap ?
The low price of them is a major part of the attraction. But they are as reliable as anything man-made can be.
they are one of the most obtainable historic firearms. they were produced to serve a russian army that was one of the few immovable objects or WW2. They are simple, easy to build east to maintain, easy to shoot. any Russian citizen could be conscripted into the army any be able to fire bullets at the enemy with reasonable accuracy. When looking to collect historic firearms, they are the most obvious starting point, because of their availability, price, available ammo, and ease of use.

They also make a good starting hunting rifle, they are nearly indestructible, and if you manage to destroy it anyway, they are easy and cheap to replace.
reliable, cheap and a piece of history...many Russians probably died holding each one of those mosins
People who know how to shoot can get good accuracy out of a Mosin, I

Are you upset that the WWE keeps making Bret Hart look like an?

old helpless man who needs help to even cross the street? I mean when his music hit last night when Cena was introducing his team to take out Nexus, I couldn

What is the best underwear for in the gym ?

ive seen other guys wearing white things that are longer than the shorts they are wearing but thought it a bit wierd to ask them what they were.
Those are compression shorts which helps in circulation and keeping your muscles warm.
Y fronts. end of.

Speedos. also sexy as anything. OMG you made me get a female *****.
go for boxer briefs isnt it kinda funny your name is lazy boy and your asking about the gym

Who is the better person Martha Hart or Vickie Guerrero? BQs?

for me personally, Vickie is better than Martha because Martha is an overgrown petulant child!

BQ1: do you think Owen Hart should be in the WWE Hall of Fame?

BQ2: do you think Bret should just defy Martha and have WWE induct Owen anyway?
Vickie Guerrero by far even in her wrestling character, she

How is this for a storyline?

Undertaker returns as the american badass on the chopper and immediatly restarts the brother of destruction partnership with kane untill kane turns on him or he turns on kane they then have a rivalry which lasts untill wrestlemania and kane finnaly ends the streak and the undertakers carrer

Now i know many wont want kane to end it but i cant think of anyone better quite frankly.
Biker Taker never really took off, but the general idea is good. The

How will I Learn swimming?

All of my friends do know how to swim but me :(
You could take swimming lessons if you want to pursue it. There are classes and individual lessons. It

Kobe making fun of yoa ming and yoa ming cussing him out in all star game LOLLOLLOL ..10 easy points?

Yao: Dont fvck with me Kobe...

xD so funny

now give me my 10 pts. LOL LOL LOL
this is what shaq thinks

What cleat is better, Adidas F50 Adizero or Nike Mercurial Superfly II?

I am currently thinking of getting new soccer cleats and was wondering which one was better in performance, speed, control, price, etc.
Price: Adizero ($179.99) vs Superfly II ($359.99)

Performance: Adizero wins here, too. The boot that scored the most goals in the World Cup this summer? The F50 Adizero. Nike Superfly II was way off pace.

Speed: Adizero wins. 5.8 oz vs slightly heavier (a bit over 6 oz)

Control: Depends on what you like. I prefer Adidas shoes in general because the cleats are generally wider and more comfortable, allowing for more control.

Bottom Line: Get the Adizero F50. Both are terrific cleats, but the edge has to go to the Adizero. I

Floyd mayweather sr calls manny a F@G, Sissy and a ***** ?

does this just show what kind of disgusting scumbags mayweather and his family are that he is to reduced to this ?
The real f@660 s are the ones hiding behind

Okay, who
I have never seen him go as personal on a user like he has me. He calls me obsessed then goes and makes posts about me. To me it looks like the ego has got to him now and he can not take being disagreed with, If you dont agree you are wrong. Ah well if starting a yahoo answers campaign on me makes his life a bit better who am i to stop him.

He just needs to realise this is a site for all to come on not his site

Oh yeah you said W U M on my question sorry for being stupid lol but what is a wum

Kpatel you are obsessed with bad the question had nothing to do with you but you still had to get abusive. I am probably the least self obsessed person you could ever meet if you knew me in real life you would know this but you chose to judge me on what a man you never will know says about me

Fox I dont know if you remember the leave brittney alone guy on youtube but I can just see kpatel laying on his bed saying the same about old baddy
LOL......he was just saying the truth about self-obsessed Dan to be honest

Are these slow times for all the people in my district schools?

These are people who go to different schools who are all freshmen, the top three times are:

5k run btw

1. 19.28

2. 20.35

3. 20.37

My 5k time is about, 23 minutes which is in the middle of the pack. I have two months to be able to descrease this time by about... 3-4 minutes? what do you suggest? should i start interval work? a running plan would be great thanks.

The above is a 10 week training plan for high school runners over the summer but you can continue it into the season. A 3-4 minute improvement in 2 months is a big stretch. have you been training over the summer?
the 5k time for my friend is 19.21

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yes the are slow for now just keep training and you will get your times down

Who are the cliquiest members in this section that I should e-void like the plague?

Taking up the fine work of dR bAd... for some time now I have found this section impenetrable because of a certain bunch

Are you a Wummer or Banterer, what ARE you here for?


Team Cena or The Nexus?

whos side r u on

So who said gerrard was desperate to leave the sinking ship?
Ah the usual clowns mate,right Fernando we

Do you think with gerrard commiting to liverpool and cole coming in a buy out is near?

We have attracted a very good player when other teams in the cl wanted him gerrard has said he is staying and I think torres will be next,
Coley could offer what you guys were quite weak in last season - creativity in midfield.He can also play in attacking midfield(Gerrard

Camping in peterborough, ontario?

if anyone has been camping (tent camping) in peterborough ontario or in that area and can recommend some good camp grounds for me, i would really appreciate it! thanks!
Hey, I live around that area. The best place there I think is Bevermead. There

Is it true that Muffins and MJ control this section?

I just got an email tip-off.
Lol @ the first answer, I don

Votto for Posey and Strasburg...should I do it?

I give up Posey and Strasburg, and get Votto in return. I know Strasburg will only have so many innings left on the season, and Posey is hot right now, but is it worth it to give up both of them for Votto? I do have Miguel Montero as my backup catch, so I wouldnt loose to much there. Here

What is the best team in Brazil?

1 - So Paulo

2 - Inter

3 - Cruzeiro
Boca junior

What is the best team in Brazil?

1 - So Paulo

2 - Inter

3 - Cruzeiro

What is the best team in Brazil?

So Paulo e Inter
In my opinion the best team in brazil is So Paulo(So Paulo Futebol Clube), beacause he has won 3 FIFA worldwide cups(1992, 1993, 2005), and it

Hispanics / Latinos in the NHL?

Some people obsess about Scott Gomez but does anyone remember Ralph Barahona on the Bruins in the early 90s .. he was pretty good in the minors, pity he wasn

Is The Miz allowed to use his MiTB on Kane or only on Sheamus ?

It would be a good twist if he moved over to Smackdown, he would make it more entertaining
The rules of the MITB were always that they can use the briefcase for up to one year on any champion at any time but the winners have always stuck to their brand so I

Reggie miller is a white boy in a black persons charles barkley calls his producer a p***Y?
Reggie Miller That dude Is BOGUS. Overrated
This may be news to you, but Reggie is also part Filipino.
I hate listening to Reggie Miller, he always disses the Jazz, my favorite team
Reggie was right, though he exaggerated a bit. Charles should have controlled himself more being live on the air.

Will Fabregas be transfered in Barcelona fc?

I heard news that Cesc Fabregas will be transfered to Barcelona F.C.
It is just speculation by the newspapers. He wont leave Arsenal.

Barcelona FC want him but they are going have to pay a lot to get him.
I hope not, I

Why are people into sports anymore?

tell that to the 12 million people who spent an hour watching a pompous blowhard multimillionaire let us know what his

Best bolt action rifle for 500 yards target?

Im on a budget of 300, which i need to buy a scope with.
Here in the US a Rem 700,Savage and many more can be had for around 500.00. US Dollars. Good glass will be about half that. Nikon,Leupold comes to mind.
On that budget I

Do martial artists refer to Camo belt as a joke?

I was just curious because I bought myself one. I currently practice 4 martial arts, but I don

What is the point of asking questions when you

I guess some people are just happy entertaining the trolls, Live Streamers and Nike Shoe salesmen.....or themselves ;)

Have a happy summer! :D

Do you match up to my expectations?

Right i

What is a good way to watch MLB baseball games live streaming online?

What is a good way to watch MLB baseball games live streaming online?
You can try here:

Download and install the satellite-TV software , you can watch MLB games and many kinds of sports online in comfort and quality. I use this site before and it works for me.

Hope it

How to watch WWE live over the internet ?

How to watch WWE live over the internet ?

Download and install Satellite tv software on your PC, you could watch WWE wrestling and thousands of worldwide TV channels such as ABC, NBC, TNT, ESPN ... live online legally, comfortably and in good quality.
Well, you can go

Download and install Satellite TV software on your PC, you could watch WWE and thousands of worldwide TV channels like ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, Speed, ESPN, TNT, BBC, Sky, CCTV, CW, Local ... live online legally, comfortably and in good quality.

Hope it

How to watch tennis live over the internet ?

How to watch tennis live over the internet ?
You can watch tennis live and many tv channels such as Fox, ESPN for free here.

Hope it

Premier League or La Liga?

Which league do you like the most?
Premier League
If you mean they are going to start playing AFB, which is the section you asked this in, neither. They will both run home crying to mama about how mean American Football players are after getting beaten up by the NFL..
Premier League mainly because i think team are all great in skill level. The top 4 over a 20 team league is better than top 2 over 20. We even learned last season how strong of a team there is after the top 4 in the form of Man City, Birm City(excellent season) but you go to La liga and its always Real and Barca, it dont seem to change and those team barely seems to lose. Last season was the closest i have seen the league when it was coming to an end. What other league do you see people fight so hard for 4th place as if it was 1st. Still like La Liga but i watch Premier League more.

In all a 3 way battle for a cup is better than a 2 way battle.
NFL is the league I like the most
You know you

Can my clique please stand up and let me know who is with my mission to destroy dr bad?

lol sounds pathetic dont it but let me know who is in this clique i am leading.
Hahaha, this is what I was wondering, also. I apparently have a clique but I don

Monday, July 12, 2010

Which tennis bag should I get?? *PICS*?
Babolat Aero Line Bag. Its awesome I have one and I love it!!!!!!
i would say wilson but thats an ugly color combonation go with the djokovic series
well if you dont have a favorite..then you could see what matches with your rackt..

Didnt yall say the heat would have no bench?

Mike Miller is coming, it says so on his twitter acount and his website and now Udonis haslam has turned down the bigger contract from dallas and is resigning with the heat. Big Z is giving strong consideration. And yesterday Stackhouse says he will come for minimum

Do you or did you have a sports dream?

Mine is to play in the NBA
mine is to be a motogp rider like valentino rossi.
Mines 2 Make Sports Dollars In The NFL
Actually I do, I have always wanted to coach Divison 1 NCAA Basketball...
Absolutely true, as a 7 year old I trained for at least 4 hours a day, every day, and at the age of 12 I had nearly every club in London knocking at my door trying to sign me, at 14 I played for my district, and at 16 I played for the bottom quarter of my country, but throughout my life my attempts to play football were fiercely met with Resistance from my guardian, and I forgot to mention at 14 years of age, I was also offered an opportunity to take a scholarship in the states.

So I think it

Best way to fish for trout in a big pond?

im going to go fishing soon at a pond that has all sorts of fish in it such as trout, catfish, bass. i was just wondering what the best way to fish for the trout would be?
Tell ya


bq: does anyone know how long is sting going to be out for?

Is my friend a bandwagon fan?

He never cheered for Spain in Euro Cup 2008 but when they won he started cheering for them however he supported them from the beginning of this past world cup.
is he from spain? No? Then yes
No. Lots of football fans were cheering one side or the other. What shocked me was a bunch of Mexicans cheering on Spain where I was at yesterday. Ironic, for the simple fact that I usually hear them talking bad about Spanish people.
who cares he supports some of the dirtiest players in the world tbh... :D

one love
He has the right to support the team he wants to. Don

Will you worship Paul the Octopus...?

...or me? I predicted Spain would win the WC before the round of 16;)
Will I? I already do LOL.

Paul the octopus is a P.I.M.P
He will be more useful and happy if we make him as takoyaki
Not anymore! I

In a wwe cage match, sarah palin vs lady gaga (chairs and ladders allowed), which one would win?

lady gaga beats sarah palin lady gaga would knock sarah out with her terrible singing
Your question pisses me off because why would there be a ladder or chair in a cage match the cage is your weapon but anyway Sarah palin would win she

Americanistas Trivia Question of the Day?

Which Cantera Defender and

How much will a signed Magic Johnson Signed Basketball go for?

NBA size, has a COA, and it is in great shape. what do you think?

What is the most appalling behavior you

I don

Who was better during the 2010 Playoffs? Heat or Cavaliers?


Should all little league games have a mercy rule?

I coached a baseball game this in a tournament that didn

Who will win NL Rookie of the Year - Gaby Sanchez, Jason Hewyard, Stephen Strasburg, or Buster Posey?

As it stands now:

** Gaby Sanchez has 9 homers and is batting over .300 avg at the half way point. Very solid and consistent player.

** Stephen Strasburg has 61 strikeouts in 43 innings of work, 2.32 ERA and hitters are only averaging .205 off him.

**Jason Heyward still has 11 homers and 45 RBI

How many calories are burnt swimming?

The amount of calories burnt when swimming for 30 minutes is relative to body type, sex and metabolism, as well as the intensity of the exercise. However, for a woman of average weight and size, 30 minutes of swimming should burn 285 calories for back stroke, 273 for breast stroke, 261 for fast crawl, 285 for slow crawl, 204 for side stroke, and 105 for treading water. These figures are based on an average weight of 123lb. In comparison, a man weighing an average of 170lb, would receive the following calorie results: 390 for back stroke, 375 for breast stroke, 360 for fast crawl, 390 for slow crawl, 270 for side stroke and 144 for treading water.

Is the fair play award given to the best divers?

Fair ladies, the Spaniards.
Omg.. it

Can you help me choose a basic AR-15 rifle?


20 gauge shotgun....?

what is the lightest kicking 20 gauge on the market, needs to be semi auto
One of the lightest kicking 20 gauges out there is the Remington 1100.
The 11-87 is quite similar, I doubt that you

Who did you want the world cup to win?

A Suervey!

All The Way

But it is still good that the spanish still won
spain yesterday. At the beginning I wanted u.s., then italy.
Netherlands was who i was rooting for but i had a gut feeling

Spain was going to win.
Spain :)
Germany!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!But i like Spain so I

My WCW Monday Night Nitro episode # 11 ( I

Promo 1- The show starts with Eric Bischoff telling everybody the main event will be TripleH

How misleading can a headline really be?

Okay so you go onto and you see


Aww he

Do people really think they can get viable swing tips online, here?

It seems that every time someone logs in here looking for swing advice the same usual culprits start preaching, usually saying to do this or do that - but does anyone stop to think just who this information is coming from?

It seems to me that getting swing tips online seems to be a risky proposition -- as you never know if you

How much fps is the Win Gun Special Combat 1911 Co2 Powered Full Metal Airsoft Gun?

How much fps is it with a .20 gram bb
If you are talking about the non blowback it chronod at 460fps with .20 bbs

I hope I helped :)

Is there any team that would be willing to take in Christobal Huet an his contract?

Or will he be in the AHL sooner than later and then off to the KHL?

BQ: If your team was never in existence what team would you end up liking?

SQ(Trademarked by Casey...I will pay him later): Did you rub your moms feet every night or was it only three times a week?
There may be one team that could. The Islanders are still far below the cap floor and if they cant sign a guy like Kovalchuk they will need to take on some bad contracts to make them compliant with the CBA. But if the Isles were smart (a stretch I know) they would sign Niemi to an offer sheet instead and force the Hawks hand even harder with the Hjalmarsson deal looming already. The Hawks have a problem that wont be solved easily unless they can make what amounts to a poor deal for them just to dump Huets salary but right now I cant see them eatting the contract and sending him down to the AHL (except maybe just to fine tune his game for a month or so) and assuming they get a contract done with Niemi they will have Huet back him up. Huet can be a very good goalie in short spurts, he simply isnt capable of playing a #1 role over the course of a season. I have never been a fan of his but anyone who thinks he isnt capable doesnt know hockey that well....he isnt capable of being a full time or big game goalie but if he were to back up someone (at obviously a better contract number) he would easily be one of if not the best backups in the league. I see him in a Hawks sweater barring something crazy.

BQ. Tough one. As a Wings fan it would be tough to swallow being a Maple Leafs or Hawks fan but it would be one of those. I can get to either in semi reasonable time and have been to both cities many,many times but if pressed right now I would say the Hawks (more reasonable ticket prices being the deciding factor along with simple availability another factor plus border crossing isnt as easy nowadays).

SQ. Back when I was young you did what you were told or took a beating for disobedience so id mom wanted her feet rubbed you did it...period!
Possibly the Islanders, seeing how DP can

How many pitches should a little league pitcher throw?

I never pitched as a kid, but my son wanted to pitch so I bought books, tapes, and watched Youtube to learn how to pitch. The concensus is that children shouldn


I think Germany was stronger this year than Spain. Germany just went into the Spain match tactically and mentally weakened because the best young player, Thomas Muller, was falsely suspended. You have to remember that this Germany team is very young and not as experienced and hasn

Anyone else think Germany was the strongest team this year and would

I think Germany was stronger this year than Spain. Germany just went into the Spain match tactically and mentally weakened because the best young player, Thomas Muller, was falsely suspended. You have to remember that this Germany team is very young and not as experienced and hasn

Do you like Smackdown

I know there is not 2 much star power on it but i think it is enjoyable

BQ-When is Beth Phenoix returning?
It is enjoyable and fun but they don

What gram bbs should i use? please help?

My co2 sidearm is 460 fps with a .20 gram bb, so what gram bbs should i use for it?
The fps is too high for a .20 gram BB. I suggest you use a heavier and higher quality BB so it will lower the FPS. Keep in mind that the heavier the BB, the more accurate but you are going to lose some distance. I suggest you use either a .23 gram, .25 gram, .28 gram, or .30 gram.

Here are the links to those BB

Why did the referee favor Spain so much towards the end of the game?

Not given corner kick:

Question for Colts fans?

putting the superbowl loss aside, are you able to say that because of their situation, and those peoples spirit do you think that the Saints deserved that win?

How does high school volleyball coach decide?

How does your coach decide who gets put in the game? (highschool)

by being fair

Liga mexicana de futbol ranking?

rank the teams first second third etc and why



Cruz Azul

Pumas de UNAM





Santos Laguna





1. Pachuca - On paper es equipazo. Good additions like Arreola, Luna, and Herculez make them top candidate.

2. Monterrey - Same solid squad. Add Suazo and an experianced defender Osorio.. potential champion.

3. Morelia - You saw how close they were last semester. They get a top keeper and a fanstastic midfielder that they needed last liguilla.

4. Santos - Benitez returns. Jugadorazo. Will make them even more dangerous than last time. A true relentless goal threat.

5. Chivas - I rank them so high based on the potential that the squad had promised before the WC. Without Chicharo, it will be interesting to see how they cope.
America #1...Thats all

I hate cheerleading!? please help?

So im on a highschool cheer team/ JV. And i hate it! i hate my coaches, my teammates.

there all stuck up! And i want to quit..but i dont know if i can..or even want too.

i cry before practices alot....I dont do much but its making me miserable!

I want to tell my mom but shes so proud of me making it on the team because she didnt when se was young...

What do i do...Should i just stick it through? Or quit? If i quit my alternative is track and field or just regular PE...

please help . :{
Never quit. I understand what you are saying though. I was in the same position. Believe it or not, your coach and teammates are counting on you. Yes, they can be stuck up, it is annoying. But just go through the year and live with it. That

Has anyone ever tried drive by hunting with a camouflaged truck and a silent engine (if that

i saw a camouflaged truck when i was in town and imagined someone hunting in a truck in the forest. thought itd be funny.
Funny - but the truth is actually just the opposite.

I live in Alaska. When you hunt in the open tundra caribou can see you 20 miles away. If you approach them at a slow, steady pace on a ATV or 4x4 you can easily get within 50 yards of them if you don

How many times a day does Iniesta?

Tea Bag his boyfriend? I would think 3 or 4.
Why? Is your boyfriend going for a record in teabagging you?
Listen yeah Iniesta dove a couple times in the finals yesterday but that

Who would you say killed the united states Football league?

OK I am watching A Program on who killed te USFL,see I do remember when they came out and I can

MFS: Real Madrid or FC Barcelona?

who and why?
Shut up cheater you don

Who was the best diver of the tournament?


Thursday, July 8, 2010

Do you think ted dibiase should be paired with that skank maryse?

i don

Do you think cm punk is i do?

i think he is so pretty. i just love his pepsi tattoo.
Oh yes, the Pepsi tattoo really brings out his eyes. JK LOL!
Yeah he has pretty cool tattoos and the Pepsi tattoo stands out because it is in colour!
I think he was kind of cute when he had his long hair, a shorter beard and less hair on his chest, but not now. I still like him, though.
He is ugly and a want a be but his tattoos are pretty cool!

How long do you think rey mysterio will hold the world championship?

He will lose it to Drew McIntyre thanks to the Money in the Bank contract.
Not as long as you will remain a virgin.
until the writers change the script
For some time!
Until Summerslam. I don

With Wade, Bosh ,

How would Miami fill out the rest of there roster??? it makes no sense to be honest..I don

Will the LeBron announcement be shown live at the Tampa Bay Devil Rays game?

The reason I ask that, is because the Cleveland Indians are visiting Tampa tonight for a game. Anything to demoralize the visitors, right? This question is also being posted in the baseball section, as well.
I highly doubt it.

So how many fans will jump out of the Cavs

Bandwagoneers you know...
King James fan and Kibby I suspect!!!
lol yup. lakers fans are no better, but kobe just isn

Why so much hate against Germany?

I hear so many people who are just ECSTATIC that Germany lost to Spain. I don

Afraid to go to skatepark??

Well I

Cristiano Ronaldo brings all the girls the yard and they

What do you think of the new poem?
Your boyfriend wrote it.

Help !!!!What is the best repellant for beach flies? Cape May, NJ?

100 % Deet. Can be bought at any Walmart for $2.88 in a pump spray in the camping section. One spray lasts most of the day and even keeps Mother-in-laws away.( To heck with the bugs, I buy it by the box just for the last part I mentioned. ) ; ) ~good luck catchin

So Cav fans how you feel?

I know it

Who is not gonna play NBA 2k11 online?

We all know there will be at least 90% of the community who will play as the miami heat online. There will be no point to play it.
80% heat bandwagoners

19% Laker freaks

1% will actually play with another team

I will still play though and own all as the detroit pistons

Wrestling fans, look at how much Evan Bourne/Matt Sydal has improved!?

in ring ability

1. 15-16 years old-

2.present 27 years old-
He has improved wow I guess that is why they call him

Free Paul (like Free Willy)?

Should we free him? He

When people say Jordan would never go 6-24 in game 7 do they forget he went 7-23?

1996-05-12 7-23 27 points

Skate Park in Long Branch New Jersey?

Did some one try Skate Park in Long Branch New Jersey? Is it any good? Do they have a parking near by?
It is difficult to say it is good or bad, I havent seen many of them, and the one in Long Branch is the nearest to my location. I went recently there with my son; and in his opinion it is OK. Thou he is just a beginner.

Yes. They have parking there. It is big enough to accommodate all who wants to skate there.
I don

Who thinks Lebron James will shock everyone and says he

lol I think that would be funny.
Hey, it was VERY FUNNY! Thanks for making my day!
no. end of story
not happening he does

Will Pablo Barrera be a starter in West Ham?

Possibly. Avram Grant may start him off as a substitute and if he

How Should I Go About Gaining Trust From My Yearling Colt?

I recently rescued a paint horse from a farm where there were fourty other extremely malnourished horses. All of the horses had no human contact what so ever, and they wer all extremely timid and showed severe signs of fear (bucking, running a loud noises, snorting, ears laid back, ect.). The horse I rescued is a yearly stud. We have only been able to get a halter and short lead rope on him so far, while he was in a stall. I

Reggie Bush

BQ: Over/Under on Reggie Bush lasting 4 more seasons in the NFL?

Im taking the under.
I think when his contract is up he may be looking at early retirement. There

How do you swim butterfly?

I am a swimmer and butterfly is my best stroke. Im just not sure I do it right. I know the arm motion and the kick Im just not sure how to put it together. Is it a continuous kick? Is there a certain time? Do you kick after an arm rotation? Help please!
My best stroke is also butterfly, but it is hard to explain, so if you don

What would WWE
That is the funniest thing ever Iron Sheik explodes in any interview I could only imagine him as a guest host for Raw.

Sheamus approaches him and says

Swimmers ear solution?

when my daughter was on her H.S. swim team one of the Mom

What number do you want to be?? and don

Besides #99, what is the least used number in the NHL?

BQ* Do you prefer the drive-in or the theater?

SQ* When your mom cooks you a snack, do you prefer the supreme pizza rolls or the meat pizza rolls?
69, for obvious reasons

BQ: I love the drive in! But you can never find them anywhere.
1. A ton of goalies had that number retired back in the day so nobody wears it anymore.

BQ: Theater, I like the popcorn a lot and I just really enjoy the whole theater experience.

SQ: Meat pizza rolls, they just taste better.

What is the best made Golf Cart?

It really depends on what you are going to use it for and whether you want gas or electric.

Club Car has an aluminum frame rails so it won

So, King LeBron James has become cowardly desperate to finally start winning by going to the Heat, eh?

This is according to the all-knowing ESPN LeBron jocker Chris Broussard.
100% right and i hope a nd pray that next year heat gets injuries and falls below .500
I don

Why are there no Western Conference teams in the hunt for LeBron?

ok the Clippers want to sign him, but we all know they have no chance. is seems only eastern conference teams (Bulls, Nets, Knicks, Heat..) have the money to lure top free agents.
West are broke as fu

Why do so many people want to see John Cena vs. Undertaker at wrestlemanaia?

i mean it would be boring as hell Cena would get his @ss handed to him 99.9% of the match then all of the sudden hit his 6 moves of death and be the person to end the streak

there are only 4 people that should be able to end the streak

1. Kane (his first match against his brother says it all) 2.Triple H (he is one of the biggest superstars in this industry) 3. Chris Jericho (same as HHH) 4. Randy Orton (after all he is the legend killer)
Simply because The Undertaker has beaten everybody in the WWE...except for John Cena. I

If LeFraud indeed goes to Miami, will the Lakers pull another fancy highway robbery to tip the balance again?

You kinda like the Pau Gasol thing LOL


What time are the riots scheduled to start in Cleveland?


After 2 years of picking what positioned I wanted to play?


Was there any wrestler that you loved when you started watching, but started to hate as time went along?

I didn

Has FIFA ever considered having the WC every 2 or 3 years?